EA Sports has called up the next entry in its premium soccer simulation series, revealing that FIFA 14 will launch on the PlayStation 3 later this year. Strangely, both the PlayStation 4 and Vita have been forced to keep the bench warm for the time being, with the publisher stating that “additional formats will be revealed in the months ahead”. We wouldn’t be surprised if a next generation version put in a late appearance, but the complete disregard for Sony’s handheld system is unusual to say the least.

"FIFA 14 will play the way great matches are contested with build up through midfield, tension throughout the match as chances are created, and incredible finishing,” said executive producer David Rutter in an official press release. “Opportunities in FIFA 14 will be rewarding and great goals will look stunning."

The biggest improvement to the annual sports sequel is Pure Shot, which will augment players with the intelligence to “adjust their stride and approach angle” in order find the best position to hit the back of the net. Furthermore, enhanced ball physics will now accurately determine the trajectory of the ball, “enabling players to kick with force from distance, drill low rising shots with accuracy, and blast dipping or turbulent shots, just like real players”.

There are a number of other mechanics making their debut in FIFA 14, too. You’ll now be able to fend off defenders while dribbling, or outmuscle an opponent before receiving a pass. You’ll also be able to turn in all directions when sprinting, while improved teammate intelligence will ensure that both your computer-controlled players and opponents make better runs into space.

Elsewhere, the single-player campaign will see the introduction of the Global Scouting Network, allowing you to hunt for fresh talent all over the world. Menus have also been refined, while developer EA Canada has made tweaks to the online component and Ultimate Team. We’re promised more details soon, but that’s the overhead for the time being. FIFA 13 was already a colossal game, so we’ve no doubt that its successor will uphold the series’ stellar standards.

[via news.ea.com]