When was the last time that you watched a gameplay reveal where the character died? Live demos at press conferences such as E3 are usually played in ‘God Mode’ to prevent such a hiccup from occurring, but in IGN’s gameplay reveal of Dark Souls 2, we counted at least six deaths. There may have actually been more.

That was probably a calculated move by publisher Namco Bandai, as the sequel prompted some negativity after its announcement last year, when an interview indicated that the title’s difficulty may have been toned down. There’s certainly no evidence of that in this gameplay reveal, with battles demanding the same patient and strategic play.

One of the biggest improvements that developer From Software’s made to the title is in the graphics department, which director Yui Tanimura hopes will create a more believable atmosphere. You’ll now be able to light torches in order to illuminate dark areas – and also spot enemies who may be lurking in the shadows.

There are a number of set-pieces shown during the reveal, with the best focusing on a bridge surrounded by dragons. It certainly looks impressive from a technical standpoint. You can watch the whole demo through here. Are you impressed? As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

[via uk.ign.com]