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BlazBlue Producer Planning New Fighting Game Franchise for PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Fans of outrageous sprites may be excited to learn that Arc System Works is hoping to create a brand new fighting game franchise for the PlayStation 4. According to Shoryuken’s translation of Dengeki’s interview with BlazBlue series producer Toshimichi Mori, the company has nothing to show yet, but is itching to start production on something fresh for the impending hardware.

"We can't give you a definite title yet, but we want to make one," he said. "We actually made Guilty Gear targeting the Dreamcast, and we started creating BlazBlue around the time of the PS3 release, so we want to make a game for PS4 when the system releases. Creating new things at the turning point of time is who Arc System Works is, so we would like to take it on."

In addition to multiple BlazBlue titles, Arc System Works also recently worked on Persona 4 Arena, a 2D brawler featuring the characters from Atlus’ popular RPG series. We’d love to see the Japanese studio put something together for the PS4 – if only to see what the team can achieve with 8GB GDDR5 RAM.


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Well, while infinitely complex, BlazBlue is a treasure in every way. Hard to think how they'll top the game play and the looks, but it's going to be great to find out.



Sanquine said:

Wait.. did you say the makers of persona 4 ARENA <3 and blazblue? OOhw no i jizzed my pants



Snorky said:

I've really enjoyed all the BlazBlue games i've tried. Complex, gorgeous and very fun. I really enjoyed the Vita release too. When I finally buy a ps4 i'll definitely be buying anything Arc System Works release. I didn't go for the persona 4 arena yet though as i still haven't got around to playing persona 4 golden, but i'm sure i'll get around it it eventually!



Gamer83 said:

I prefer the gameplay style of NetherRealm's and Capcom's fighting franchises but the people at Arc Systems are no doubt graphical wizards. Can't wait to see what their PS4 game will look like.

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