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What If Infographics Formed the World of a Puzzle Platformer?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hopping through stats and shapes

Metrico, a brand new PlayStation Vita exclusive from Digital Dreams, understands that infographics are awesome. As such, it’s a full puzzle platform game built around the art of such statistics sheets. While specific gameplay details are being kept under wraps, you can expect to clamber your way through a series of changing environments, all built around graphs and pie charts.

“The idea [for the game] has been in our heads for a few years, and was born out of noticing how beautiful infographics can look as an art form,” said level designer Roy van de Mortel on the PlayStation Blog. “It was reinforced by seeing that infographics have become increasingly important in contemporary pop-culture. While they haven’t made their way to games yet, we think it’s a place where they can work exceptionally well.”

The title’s been in development for a while – even picking up a few awards along the way – but has now been officially snapped up by Sony’s popular Pub Fund initiative. That means that the platform holder will help contribute towards the release’s development costs, in return for a small window of exclusivity.

You can check out the game's first trailer in the space below. We can certainly see how the experience is going to shine on the Vita’s pin sharp OLED screen. However, the visuals remind us of office work – and we’re not sure whether that’s a good thing or not.

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ThreadShadow said:

I wonder how this will work. Will it use the camera? Take a picture of an infographic and it creates a level, or will it just use it's own built in infographics?

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