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We're Sorry That We Only Gave Velocity a 9/10, FuturLab

Posted by Sammy Barker

Death by numbers

It seems that our reluctance to go one digit further with our review for FuturLab's almost perfect PlayStation Minis shooter Velocity may have pushed one employee close to the brink. This silly Velocity Ultra video depicts the plight of one developer after a trickle of 9/10 review scores stream in. Thank goodness for our friends over at TheSixthAxis, huh?

If you're eager for a better look at the PlayStation Vita re-release in action, point your peepers at the more traditional trailer through here. The Brighton-based developer has confirmed that it will be in attendance at GDC later this month. Hopefully it will be able to drum up enough positive word of mouth to earn a few more perfect scores this time around.

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rastamadeus said:

Absolutely brilliant. Debating whether to wait for the full scale Vita release or get the Mini...



Gemuarto said:

@rastamadeus I think you should wait =). I got mini version for free.... don't remember how =(. But never plyed it =). Don't want spoil the fun from Vita version.



ThreadShadow said:

That's fun. Good video. I'll get the Vita version if it includes the original. It's just that these types of shooters aren't high on my list. Definitely have a good gameplay mechanic going on there.

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