CD Projekt Red’s critically acclaimed The Witcher series will finally complete the long trek onto PlayStation next year, when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt stakes its claim on the PlayStation 4. Despite previous entries in the series skipping Sony’s ecosystem, managing director Adam Badowski has revealed that the Polish developer was one of the first studios in Europe to receive a development kit for the next generation platform.

In an interview with, the executive explained that the outfit has had access to the PS4 for about six months, and that it’s big fans of the console’s simplified architecture. "This time around the situation is much easier for developers," he beamed. "It's a good approach."

Badowski continued that he’s also fond of the console’s ability to play games while they're downloading – even if it does create some development headaches. "There are some technical constraints [and] goals related to this feature, but nothing extraordinary," he continued, adding that he thinks it was a “great decision” by the platform holder to include such functionality.

As for the DualShock 4’s unique inputs, the developer isn’t sure how it’s going to use them yet. "The touchpad gives us extra opportunities," he added. "But it's too early to talk about because it's a highly specific thing and we need more time to develop something cool." The same is true of the PS4’s connectivity to Vita.

Asked whether CD Projekt Red’s newly established alliance with Sony could result in The Witcher 2 finally launching on the PlayStation 3, Badowski was tellingly coy. "I can't confirm anything," he laughed. "We'll see. We'll see.” Fingers crossed, then, huh?