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Terraria's Trudging onto PlayStation Vita This Summer

Posted by Sammy Barker

Tunnelling onto a new home

Add another indie hit to the PlayStation Vita’s release schedule, as just like previously rumoured, Terraria is digging onto the handheld later this year. The port – which launched on PlayStation 3 in North America this week – is being handled by Engine Software, a specialist in handheld conversions. There’s no word on whether the title will support cross-buy or cross-play functionality, but we suspect those details will be cleared up closer to release.

For those out of the loop, Terraria is a side-scrolling sandbox adventure. Just imagine Minecraft trapped in the eight-bit era, and you should get the general idea. You can check out the PS3 version’s launch trailer through here.


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ShogunRok said:

Great news. It might be an indie game but it's a game that'll keep people coming back for more. Hopefully it has multiplayer...



GRIFFEN14 said:

I'm pretty interested in this game. I'm a huge fan of minecraft and this seems like the next best thing, until we inevitably get minecraft on vita and ps4. Seems like a perfect fit for the vita anyway.



Azikira said:

Vita may be worth the Double Dip~

I've purchased 6 copies of this game (for friends and whatnot) and logged over 80 hours into it so I could totally see myself playing it on-the-go.

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