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Sony Sells Shares in Online Gaming Firm for $440 Million

Posted by Sammy Barker

Platform holder freeing up assets

As part of an ongoing effort to stabilise its financial footing, Sony has announced that it’s selling its shares in Japanese online gaming firm DeNA for around $440 million. Games reports that Nomura Securities are poised to snatch up the 17.72 million shares, which will add a few more zeroes to the platform holder’s bank balance.

"Sony is transforming its business portfolio and reorganising its assets in an effort to strengthen its corporate structure," a statement explained. "This sale is made as a part of that initiative."

Earlier in the year, the company confirmed that it had sold its New York headquarters to a real estate firm for $1.1 billion. It also declared the sale of its Tokyo office late last month. Rumour has it that CEO Kaz Hirai’s expensive selection of suits and ties are on the chopping block next.


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