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Sony Pours Beautiful New Rain Artwork Online

Posted by Sammy Barker

Wet and wonderful

Rain’s announcement left us dripping with anticipation at GamesCom last year, but publisher Sony has failed to drench us with much additional information in the months since. However, a new page on the platform holder’s official website has at least washed up some new artwork, which looks suitably overcast in the best possible way.

For those not up to date, the soggy Studio Japan developed PlayStation Network exclusive transports you to a secret world which can only be seen when the clouds coalesce overhead. There’s a hint of ICO to the debut trailer, which has us unsurprisingly intrigued. Seeing as these types of titles tend to thrive on the PS3, we’re expecting the publisher to make a big splash with this game later in the year.


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get2sammyb said:

Easily my most anticipated PSN title at the moment. This looks absolutely wonderful.



Splat said:

As someone that plans on waiting to get a PS4, I'm really happy to see PS3 exclusives still coming.



Paranoimia said:

This is why I'm not fussed about backwards-compatibility on PS4. I have no intention of getting rid of my PS3.

That is a rarity with me. I got rid of my PS1 about a month after PS2 released. I got rid of my PS2 about 6 weeks after PS3 released. The reason being that I could not go back to playing the older games after trying the new ones.

But PS3 games have hit a level which won't seem as outdated when PS4 hits, so even though I'll have a PS4 at launch, I'll be in no rush to get rid of my PS3.



neumaus said:

Wow, it's been so long since I heard anything about this that I forgot all about it



bauckster said:

I'm really looking forward to this one!! Wonder if it will be a summer release..?



ThreadShadow said:

Yes, this one is top on my list for PSN games! Do you think "Storm" will be released around the same time? I wrote to indiePub about it and they said it was still getting released.

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