It may be going through a bit of a dry spell, but Sony’s director of product planning and platform software innovation (phew) Don Mesa has insisted that there’s plenty of interesting software on the horizon for the PlayStation Vita. In an extensive interview with IGN, the executive said that there are more than 100 titles set to release on the struggling system in 2013 alone. He added that consumer satisfaction is extremely high.

“I know there’s been a lot of noise about Vita recently,” he said. “There were some negative impressions and so forth. One thing we haven’t had the opportunity to do is talk about how our Vita owners are feeling about the platform. It’s a good gut check for all of us, to know what’s happening now.”

Apparently, 86 per cent of surveyed consumers are satisfied with the console, while a further 90 per cent play their system “on a regular basis”. Average usage sits at an impressive 18.7 hours a week, which may have been skewed by the fairly recent release of Persona 4 Golden. Furthermore, Mesa pointed out that a third of all games are being sold digitally through the PlayStation Network.

Of the upcoming software line-up, Mesa pointed to indie releases such as Hotline Miami, Thomas Was Alone, and Lone Survivor – but he also promised that there are plenty of first-party titles in the pipeline, too. “There are games that [the] Worldwide Studios guys are building that are going to be very interesting and innovative, but to give it away too early – we’re always worried about copycats,” he joked.

Earlier in the month, SCE UK’s Fergal Gara teased that the publisher has plenty of Vita titles in production, as well. What sort of games would you like to see come out of the platform holder over the next nine months? Let us know in the comments section below.