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So, WayForward's Totally Working on a DuckTales Remake

Posted by Sammy Barker

D-D-D-Danger, watch behind you

In an announcement that’s sure to prompt a heartfelt "woo-hoo" from some of you, Capcom has announced that it is teaming up with Disney and WayForward to bring DuckTales: Remastered to the PlayStation Network this summer. The title – which was revealed during a PAX East panel earlier today – promises a “gorgeous update” of the NES classic, all delivered in a format that you won’t have to blow furiously to boot.

The title will boast “luscious hand-drawn character sprites” and 3D environments, resulting in a striking visual style. It will also see the return of many of the original actors from the DuckTales television series, including Alan Young, who has portrayed Scrooge McDuck since 1983. You’d think he’d be fed up of the character by now, huh?

Furthermore, the re-release will come with a handful of extras, including a museum to track your progress, remixed music, and a money bin that you can actually swim in. Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve embedded the game’s debut trailer in the space below, but we seriously recommend against watching it if you have a weakness for infectious tunes.


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Squiggle55 said:

I haven't been happier about an announcement in a long time. Just fabulous news. Amazing.



shinobi88 said:

Between the new Ninja Turtles and Duck Tales games both not coming to 3DS, it finally proves one thing for absolute certain: video game publishers are the world's biggest d*** a** m***** f*****s. All you have to do is look at one stat, ONE freakin stat and see that Epic Mickey 2 sold 700,000 copies on the the 3DS in America and only 600,000 copies on all the other systems combined.

It's not rocket science. The younger gaming audiences skew towards handhelds and Nintendo systems especially. So why in the frick do a game based on a Disney cartoon and arguably the best action cartoon of all time not come to a Nintendo handheld?? Ya, these games have a large appeal to the 20+ crowd as well. And ya, I'd prefer to have these games on Vita. But the worlds idiocy pisses me off sometimes. It will ultimately lead to th end of consoles



get2sammyb said:

@shinobi88 This game would probably look really good on the 3DS with the backgrounds. They must have crunched the figures, though. Perhaps they just don't think it's worth the cost?



shinobi88 said:

The unbelievably sick irony of all this is that WayForward originally got recognized in the industry for its ability to make xtremely high quality cartoon based side-scrollers waaaay back on the Game Boy Color with titles like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Shantae. Yet, their two most recent side-scrollers, this one and Double Dragon Neon (which happen to be the ones I wanted to play MOST) aren't available on Nintendo's newest handheld. There's this thing that people with souls have, it's called loyalty. At least Renegade Kid has one (which kinda sucks in a way cuz I've begged Jools to port their games to Vita)



JaredJ said:

I am stoked! I will probably download the Wii U version though.



hYdeks said:

Can't wait! This was a huge surprise to happen, hopefully both Chip n Dale games get remade too, also Darkwing Duck, that would be sweet



odd69 said:

i think its the perfect time for this, i cant wait to play it



Squiggle55 said:

@Shinobi Your harsh criticism of wayforward is very misguided. Clearly it's the publisher Capcom that decides which systems the game will be released on.



Solatorobo said:


Yeeaahhh... They are still supporting the 3DS, and Capcom, rather than WayForward themselves, that are the publishers here.



ThreadShadow said:

I wrote to WayForward about DDNEON on WiiU eShop and they said talk to Marvelous. And apparently the only way to talk to Marvelous is through their Facebook page.

Anyway this is cool news.



Gamer83 said:

I can't wait for this, I never played much of it back in the day but what I did play I enjoyed a lot. Day one for sure just don't know if I'll get for the 360 or PS3 yet. Might get both versions.



Lionhart said:

People on Twitter keep saying this game isn't coming to the Nintendo 3DS nor the Sony PS Vita. If that is true then I am going to cry.



Gamer83 said:


Right now, it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I'd buy the game for both the Vita and 3DS, those systems are the absolute best for 2D platformers, but I'm just glad we're getting something. I never would've expected this from the current-day Capcom which seems to love trolling its old school fans more than anything. Happy to see that company at least trying to do something right for a change.

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