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Sharpen Up with These Slick PlayStation Cufflinks

Posted by Sammy Barker

Dressed to impress

Nothing says “hire me” quite like a pair of PlayStation-themed cufflinks. North American jeweller The Purple Armadillo has a selection of Sony-inspired accessories for sale to complete your corporate look. Amongst its wares are a couple of DualShock 3-esque fasteners, which are sure to earn you some gamer cred amongst your future colleagues. And, if you want to get even more niche, the jeweller has a similar set of products based on the PlayStation Vita. Prices vary, but you can find out more on

What’s your opinion on gaming-themed clothing? Do you think that it’s a bit too much to be parading your hobby in public, or are you fond of showcasing your interests through the things that you wear? Let us know in the comments section and poll below.

Would you wear PlayStation cufflinks to a job interview? (13 votes)

Yes, it could be a nice icebreaker


Maybe, I'm not sure


No, these look really tacky


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Sanquine said:

Hmm, this could be something for casual friday at work:) ( The ps vita cufflinks)



Paranoimia said:

The Vita ones look okay in that small picture, so they're a possibility.

But those DualShock ones are - no pun intended - shocking. Wrong colour, badly painted... awful.

Personally, I prefer standard buttons. Quick, easy, and you don't have to remember where you put them as they're attached to the shirt.

I have no problem with gaming-related clothing, though. I've had several items over the years. I currently have a DICE BF3 T-shirt, and I've been using an official PlayStation wallet for many years.



charlesnarles said:

rofl maybe the DS3 ones would look better in 14k gold rather than painted white. I'll wear the Vita ones to 3DS's funeral tho, heh



Munkyknuts said:

If the dual shocks were black, and had been painted properly....maybe. Even more likely if they were cast metal to lose some of the tackiness I'd wear them...possibly but never to a job interview I was actually wanting to do well in. The paint job on the dual shocks is awful.



hYdeks said:

I love video games, but most people interviewing me would look at me like a tool if you wore anything so geeky



southen said:

These definitely look really tacky! I still prefer the simple yet elegant designs. A lot of styles and marketing strategies are coming out these days for cufflinks. But I'd still prefer wearing elegant looking designs and I get them from shops like cuffntuff, and cufmart.

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