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Rumour: Final Fantasy XV Is Exclusive to the PS4, Sony Is Contributing to Development

Posted by Sammy Barker

Final Fantasy Versus XIII turns its attention to the next generation

With the PlayStation 4 now officially out in the open, it’s been a while since we last had a juicy rumour to sink our teeth into. But just as we were starting to feel impatient, infamous rumourmonger VGLeaks has cooked up a corker and served it in a mushroom cloud-shaped dish. According to the site, Final Fantasy XV will be exclusive to Sony’s next generation system – and the platform holder is actually contributing to the game’s development.

The details are unsurprisingly sketchy, but the publication claims that the sequel is actually oft delayed PlayStation 3 exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII in disguise. Allegedly, publisher Square Enix halted development on the hotly anticipated spin-off two years ago and decided to switch production to Sony’s next generation platform. We did hear rumours about the title’s cancellation in 2012, but the company promptly denied the speculation.

VGLeaks states that Sony is intimately involved with the project, aiding with asset production among other tasks. We already know that Square Enix has struggled with high-definition game development, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that the manufacturer would step in to help. The platform holder has collaborated with a number of Eastern studios throughout the course of this generation, working on titles such as White Knight Chronicles with Level-5 and Soul Sacrifice with Marvellous AQL.

The rumour would put Shinji Hashimoto’s presence at last month’s PlayStation Meeting into perspective, too. During the show, the brand director took to the stage to confirm that a new Final Fantasy project would debut at E3. Could he have been referring to Final Fantasy XV? It doesn’t sound implausible, does it?

Of course, it’s always worth taking these rumours with a massive pinch of salt. VGLeaks broke a lot of information regarding the PS4 in the run up to its reveal, and its track record is reasonable – but that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s got this right. The announcement of an exclusive Final Fantasy game would certainly be a huge coup for Sony if correct, though – especially considering the turbulent landscape of third-party game development at the moment.


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Solatorobo said:

If this is true, then the PS4 will finally have another title with actual clout. But then again, 13 and the launch period of 14 have kinda sullied the series' reputation.



ShogunRok said:

It's a more than reasonable rumour. Especially since there's no way Versus is coming to the PS3 now - it was always likely Square Enix had moved development to the PS4 anyway, as the source suggests here.

However the big news is that Sony are helping out with it, in which case this could be huge. In my opinion, Square Enix needs all the help they can get. Plus, they did announce the announcement of a new Final Fantasy at E3 during Sony's PS4 event.



3Above said:

I just want to play Versus, in ANY form. I wonder how much exclusivity will benefit Sony now tough? True Versus was supposed to be exclusive so it makes sense, but unless they game looks so amazing that no one can resist it may not become a system seller. That said if this turn out to be a Launch title, especially day and date with the PS4 launch it very well could put PS4 worldwide sales above the Next Xbox. Needless to say im buying this 1st chance i get!



rjejr said:

FF hasn't been FF for years, best they scrap the numbering system and start over. FF: A New Beginning or something like that. I 'm not getting another FF game unless its genre defining in more than graphics.



3Above said:

@charlesnarles Its "new" in that its a totally different story wiht characters we havent played before but i assume its will still have Noctis Stella and whatever story Versus was going to have from the beginning. Unless they changed the story to move away from " crystal mythology. "



FullbringIchigo said:

if this is true all i can say is "CALLED IT" i said to my mates ages ago that VsXIII would become FFXV

@rjejr you know i agree with you on dropping the numbers from the games and giving them subtitles like they have with a few games eg: Dissidia: Final Fantasy or Final Fantasy: Four Heroes of Light



ThreadShadow said:

Oh great...the first FF game in years that I'm actually excited about and it'll be exclusive to a system I'm not getting.

If the rumour is true, I had a feeling they'd bump Versus up to XV and drop the pretentious "Fabula" stuff, and distance it from XIII. Well, I guess it would only confirm the renumbering.

Hey, why not make it exclusive to PS3 and PS4? Just like The Last Guardian, right, right...Sony?



BlueProxy said:

If it's true, it's a very good move by Sony to help sell consoles. Personally after being disappointed with FF13, and done with the mellow drama, I'll have to see more game play to decide.



Scrible said:

Ff have sucked of lately, and remember 13 was exclusive to ps3, who even cares anymore



craigun said:

If Sony could finance the overhaul remakes of FF VII, VIII and IX (what the heck, VI in this dream too), that would sell PS4's and bury Microsoft this generation!

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