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Rumour: Dead Space 4 Dismembered Following Dismal Sales

Posted by Sammy Barker

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It sounds like the legs of Visceral Games’ likeable Dead Space series have been targeted by a well aimed Plasma Cutter shot by EA executives. According to a report on, a fourth entry in the horror series was in development, but has been cancelled following the poor sales of Dead Space 3. The recently released sequel did top the UK sales charts, but the publisher famously declared that it expected the title to sell at least 5 million units. We’re guessing that the game is a long way off that target.

The report hypothesises that the Dead Space franchise may now be done, with the publisher presumably planning to invest its resources into other endeavours. Allegedly, the third entry was almost cancelled multiple times during development, with continuous budget cuts made throughout. Furthermore, the game’s controversial switch to universal ammo was apparently made late in development, with the intention of adding in microtransactions.

Would you be sad to see the Dead Space series wither and die? Let us know in the comments section below.


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GraveLordXD said:

Good job EA we all love your great business sense keep up the good work I'm looking forward to micro transactions in all your games,good job with that awesome drm in the new sim city we all know it's going to sell well now



Savino said:

That is what happens when you change a premium formula!

Good job EA!



artemisthemp said:

Guess Bioware is next, if Dragon Age 3, don't sell 5 millions copies.

Oh well hopefully means EA will finish the devolpe on Dante's Inferno 2



Gamer83 said:

EA itself sabatoged the game. There was a winning formula but like the idiots at Capcom who think a horror game can't succeed EA decided to change things. That was mistake number one. Then you add these ridiculous microtranactions. I hate to say it but EA is terrible for this industry. It messed up a great thing with Dead Space and I shudder to think how it will screw over Mass Effect in the coming years. Can't even do Madden games right anymore. This is becoming a sad, sad joke.



Scrible said:

Anything that had Ea on it should wither and die, they suck and haven't bought any games with there name on it, its halarious to me, to big to fail, not in the gaming world



Ps4all said:

@Gamer83 i agree, its probably the same suits that made them switch from horror to action that canceled them when it didn't work. I wish someone would make a truly scary game for console. Also, microtransactions have no place in a full retail release.



DarkKirby said:

EA killed the series themselves when they decided to "make it casual", "remove horror", and added microtransactions.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Although there's no way it would have sold 5 million copies in this short a time, I'm certain the microtransaction bullcrap did harm their sales further. EA had better wise up, or they're in for very rough times indeed.



Knux said:

EA tried to change the series and make it more ''mainstream'' while adding microtranscations which were bad ideas to begin with. When sales turn out to be meh, EA plays devil's advocate and kills off the series.

Am I the only one seeing the hypocrisy here?



Budsanchez said:

When I consider my undying love for Dead Space 1, and how angry I was against the micro-transaction idea, I can only say that's fair and EA has to understand that they killed the golden hen themselves... Afraid they won't see too much into this, hmm?



craigun said:

EA must die. They changed it from a horror game into another dumb shooter. Of course it failed. What a shame!



AG_Awesome said:

As soon as i heard micro transaction I said no to buying it. Ill get it used for ten bucks in a few years.



BigDaddy5XL said:

Personally I like the game. I loved 1 and 2 as well. I'm working on my 5th play through of 3 now. I too was turned off by the idea of micro transactions, but before 3 released they told us that micro transaction content could also be purchased using Ration Seals, which are collected while playing. I haven't spent a dime on micro transaction content.
Also, about there not being a DS4, sales of DS1 didn't meet expectations, yet we got DS2. Sales of DS2 didn't meet expectations, yet we got DS3. Maybe expectations are too high. Call of Duty high. All I can be certain of is that Activision wont give you an in-game collectible to purchase micro transaction content in COD:BO2. DS3 is a great game. Give it a chance.

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