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Rumour: Could Battlefield 4 on PS4 Boast 64 Player Maps?

Posted by Sammy Barker

We hope that you're ready to respawn

The brute power of the PlayStation 4 may allow Battlefield 4 to seriously up the ante, as a report regarding the soon-to-be-revealed shooter has hinted at the return of 64 player maps. While the PC version of Battlefield 3 already boasted similarly sized arenas, PS3 players were forced to settle for significantly smaller stages. However, it's likely that the next generation console will be able to cope with many more competitors than its predecessor.

The article on Battlefield 4 Central – which claims to have been tipped off by a reliable source – continues that the title will ship with the same number of maps as Battlefield 3, but that there are “lots” of DLC plans in the pipeline. Apparently, Battlefield Premium will be available at launch this time, and social tracking service BattleLog will be upgraded with more features and statistics than ever before.

For those of you curious about the single player component, developer DICE has apparently employed new writers, so hopefully we'll get a more interesting plot than the woeful Call of Duty copycat nonsense of Battlefield 3. We’ll find out more when the title is officially announced on the 26th March.


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3Above said:

Question: Whatever happened to MAG ( Massive Action Game ) ? Does anyone still play that?



pikku said:

Yay, the PS4 will be at 64 players, while the PC will be rockin 128 players



eLarkos said:

This really is sad. If celebrating a feature which has been on PC for years is what we are supposed to get excited about in our next gen consoles then im not excited one bit for them. Yes the other features of the PS4 are nice (especially download/streaming for those that can use it) but really they just arnt that great. With Steambox and full controller support for many big titles now I just dont see where sony fits into this whole picture anymore. Can anyone really say that sony has a better online store or interface than Valve? and im not so sure that sony makes that great of hardware compared to the rest. (Samsung, Asus for example or whoever wants to make a steambox). Im not a fan boy for nintendo but i do appreciate that thier next gen is not something that has been available during this gen on another format (PC)



InsertNameHere said:

@eLarkos You seem to be forgetting one important detail, and that's the fact that consoles are significantly weaker than PC's. So yes, people are going to be excited that the PS4 will allow for more people to participate in matches.

Also, I doubt the Steambox will pose much of a problem if the things i've researched are true. So, Sony fits into the picture just as well as before. As for hardware quality, Sony makes some of the best pieces of tech in the world. Of course if you're limiting it to gaming, then that's unavoidable seeing as they have to work with cheap tech in order to make their systems affordable. Otherwise, they would end up launching the PS4 at the Steam Box' $1000 price point (rumor).

Finally, to be fair, pretty much everyything that is available on any console, was previously available on PC. So, that kinda renders what you said null and void.



eLarkos said:

@TheRealBatman I have not looked that much into Steambox so ill take your word that there may be issues they are facing.
My WHOLE point is that up until now console gaming has provided a differnt experience to pc gaming. So no its not null and void. Up until now controller gaming on PC was not readily available and being supported at the level it is now.
I have a retina Macbook pro with steam big picture mode hooked up to my TV and i can tell you it is a real threat to Sony and microsoft.

Since when did PCs have 4 player split screen with controller support? - until Steam

Since when did PCs have motion controllers like the Wii?

I completely disagree with you that PCs and Consoles have been the same throughout history, in fact, im a console gamer for these very differences.
Now we are seeing that rumoured features of our next gen consoles are features which are not only not unique to consoles but have been available on PCs for years.

On a side note, I think you will find that Sony has lagged in almost every industry of hardware they are in for the past few years bar maybe Cameras. I have bought a lot of tech recently and sony very rearly shows up in the top 5 list of any tech category anymore



MadchesterManc said:

@3Above MAG is still around. Play it myself still from time to time although its not as popular as it was. I dont see why people are getting giddy over Bf4 possibly having 64 players on PS4. The PS3 n PSN has already shown it can do large player counts ie MAG had 256 players per game. Heck even Resistance2 has 60. Id be more worried bout it not being 64 players. I used to play Bf2 on PS2 online n that had 24 players per game. The Bad Company series and Bf3 on PS3? 24 players per game. At least 48 players should be expected on Ps4 but im not holding my breath as I expected 32 for Bf3 as the PS3 is more than capable of that, but DICE didnt deliver.




I'm a firm believer that online player count for current consoles is largerly dictated by the publisher, namely their willingness (or indeed lack thereof) to provide dedicated server space for the console players.
It's all possible of course, as we've seen with the likes of MAG and DUST 514- when the aim of the game is high player count, they made it happen.
Though the Frostbite engine is far more demanding than Unreal (Dust) and whatever MAG used.

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