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Phil Fish Is 'Figuring Out' Fez for PlayStation Network with Sony

Posted by Sammy Barker

Puzzle platformer coming to Sony's systems

Polytron’s outspoken founder Phil Fish has confirmed that the studio is currently in talks with Sony about bringing its acclaimed puzzle platformer Fez to the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Earlier in the year, the Indie Game: The Movie star confirmed that the former Xbox 360 exclusive would “finally be ported to other platforms”, but he failed to single out specific formats.

However, as part of a question and answer with the Reddit community, Fish revealed that Polytron is currently “working with Sony on bringing Fez” to the company’s various consoles. Considering the platform holder’s current indie line-up, it’s not particularly surprising – Hotline Miami, Thomas Was Alone, Frozen Synapse: Tactics, and Lone Survivor are all due out on the PSN later this year, too.


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ThreadShadow said:

I like what I've played so far...and I've been waiting for this game since '07-'08.
...oh the old days!...
I'm not sure I'll buy it for PS3/PSV, but I might buy it again on Wii U. There was an older story on NintendoLife hinting that it may go there.



odd69 said:

i would cream my pants for fez. all i can say is hurry phil. its long due



Tuturoopa said:

He doesnt seem like he wants his software on consoles, he seems a little lazy, ill try the game when it comea out on ps3



SammyOfMobius said:

PS Vita games I'm getting this year:
Bit Trip Runner 2
Epic Mickey 2
Crash Bandicoot (tentative title)
I thought Vita would lack games this year... I was wrong! Plus, Vita sales have boosted dramatically since the US price drop. So...

Better Vita sales + Sega saying they would bring the Sonic platformers to Vita if sales improve = Sonic on PS Vita!

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