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Dragon's Crown Trailer Punches Your Eyeballs with Pretty Graphics

Posted by Sammy Barker

Tastier than nacho cheese and bacon on crispy fries

If hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 and Vita brawler Dragon’s Crown was an animal, it would probably be a kitten wearing a big pink bow. Vanillaware has released a brand new trailer for the co-operative beat ‘em up, which introduces you to the cast of the game and also shows off a euphoric mouse wearing a wizard’s hat.

The game’s due out on 25th July in Japan, and if you pre-order early you’ll get a 64-page art book as a bonus. The tome will include illustrations from the developer, as well as additional artwork sketched by Kinu Nishimura, Bengus, and Akira Yasuda. Yes, we assume that there’ll be pictures of the sorceress in there, too.

There’s no word on a western release date just yet, but we can’t imagine that the international launch will be too far behind. Looks good, doesn’t it?


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hYdeks said:

NICE! Finally a beat-em-up for my Vita, game looks gorgeous!



rjejr said:

It looks like the guys who made the Heavy Metal movie painted over a copy of Castle Crashers after they were finished playing Trine.



Kelvin said:

Pretty visuals — and they are very pretty visuals — are nothing if the game's no good.



neumaus said:

Why such a heavy emphasis on sex appeal? It's like they felt the need to pad their game with that crap because no one would buy it otherwise >_>
Two things I absolutely detest in video games: hyper-sexualization and grotesque violence/horror. Oh well, my opinion means nothing. I just won't buy it



shinobi88 said:

I actually contacted Atlus and told them I wouldn't buy it unless they stop the sorceress's boobs from bouncin in the US version. I don't need sex distractin me from gameplay. We'll see what they do. They slightly edited the princess in Code of Princess for 3DS in the US. She went from the unacceptable stripper look to the ok I guess slutty look



shinobi88 said:

Aside from the negative comments about the soft core porn look of the female characters, the art on this game is freakin amazing. Waaaay more beautiful than even Muramasa, which was made just a couple years ago by the same devs. And the gameplay looks like the exact same formula of 90s beat em ups like Golden Axe and Knights of the Round Table. Those games had the perfect formula, so why change it? How many modern side scrollers are ruined by trying to tack on modern gameplay elements?? I guess you wouldnt really notice how bad it's gotten unless you've owned a DS or 3DS where they still regularly release scrollers



Lionhart said:

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful video games that I've seen in a VERY long time. I am certainly going to pre-order it and hopefully the art book will be released with it here in the West.
However, I'm definitely appalled at some of the over the top sexualization in this game. I think it is really distasteful and unnecessary. I do pray that Atlus and Vanillaware will tone some of that down because it is on the verge of pornographic.



ThreadShadow said:

Let me just make an observation.

We're alright with chainsawing peoples heads off followed by geysers of blood erupting from the smallest wounds, and stabbing arrows into peoples throats, but we start screaming for changes when a woman's boobs bounce unrealistically?



shinobi88 said:

I guess in both instances when a guy gets his head chainsawed off and when a guy uses a girl for sex, it produces a fatherless child. But I still feel more compelled to stand up against portrayin chicks as sex objects since we have laws in place preventin decapitation via hardware tools



neumaus said:

^ Thanks, someone finally understands. I hate it when women are used as nothing more than sex objects.

@ThreadShadow If you're referring to something I said, I did mention that I am against both (hyper-sexualization and grotesque violence/horror). And you're crazy if you think it's just a case of bouncing boobs! The women are nearly naked and hyper-exagerated. Boobs are always bouncing and exagerated in Japanese media anyways, but that's not the only issue here. It's extreme in like every angle.



ThreadShadow said:

@shinobi88 @neumaus @Lionhart

My comment was referring strictly to the domain of videogames. I'm certainly not saying you're wrong. We should stand up when aspects make us uncomfortable. Yes women aren't sex objects, but it's not evil for a women to be beautiful and attractive, nor is it a sin to let a breast move (though I agree this game goes far above and beyond in all it's depictions).
It's just funny that if someone stands up against violence/gore they're shot down, and if they should have the gall to stand up against profanity they're practically crucified, but when someone speaks out against sexualized depictions of women, everyone shouts "hear, hear!", as if beautiful women are a bad thing.

Anyway, please continue to stand up for your convictions and don't take my comments as an attack.

To it's credit at least it's hyper-sexualized depictions of women, rather then little girls, which is also very prevalent in Asian games.

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