The response to Sony’s big PlayStation 4 coming out party has been generally positive on this website, but industry analyst Eric Handler has suggested that the reception was more “mixed” in mainstream circles. Speaking with NowGamer, the MKM Partners employee insinuated that the manufacturer failed to show enough exclusive content to give it an advantage in the next generation console war.

“I think Sony has created some excitement in that it beat Microsoft to the market with news about a new console for this holiday season,” he said. “The reaction has been somewhat mixed and we are still lacking a lot of key information.”

Handler pointed to the price and software as key missing details. “Last cycle Sony really hurt itself with its $599 US launch price,” he continued. “Even though it had the most powerful system, consumers weren't interested at that price point, especially considering the system lacked sufficient exclusive titles to win back market share from Microsoft.”

He concluded: “I didn't think the Sony press conference showed enough exclusives to give themselves that big of a leg up at this point in time.”

During its event, the platform holder announced Killzone: Shadow Fall, DriveClub, inFamous: Second Son, and Knack as exclusive titles for the PS4. It also revealed partnerships with Jonathan Blow on The Witness and Activision on Destiny. That was in addition to the confirmation that every major Sony-owned studio is currently working on titles for the next generation machine.

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