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You Can Pre-Order a PlayStation 4 Right Now If You Want To

Posted by Sammy Barker

Why wait?

UK retailer GAME is already accepting pre-orders for Sony’s PlayStation 4 – despite the manufacturer not even showing the hardware yet. If you waddle your way over to the specialist retailer’s online storefront, you’ll be able to part with the £20 required to purchase a deposit for the currently price-less machine.

Sony announced that the PS4 will launch Holiday 2013 during its press conference earlier in the week, but there’s still some ambiguity over which territories that will apply to. Previous rumours had suggested that Europe will be forced to wait until 2014. We’ve got an emergency box of Kleenex on standby for if that announcement comes.


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Snorky said:

I would avoid placing any preorders with a struggling company like GAME There are other more stable places to preorder online if you feel you really must do so.



meldarion said:

this pre-ordering thing is insane. I am surely going to buy it on day 1 but pre-ordering right now its pointless. I'll wait for at least june and most probably i'll pre-order near semptember



FullbringIchigo said:

if you really wanted to you can also pre-order it on Amazon UK and you don't have to pay any money and can cancel at any time

honestly why any one still uses game is beyond me they charge for pre-orders, are more expensive than everywhere else plus they even went into administration last year until someone brought them out they really are a dab chain



Valky said:

I think the best moment to start pre-ordering is the day after E3, hopefully everything will be revealed at that point.



hYdeks said:

I'll wait till I hear at least a price take before running out to pre-order But I do think I will pre-order it when it comes time.



fullyilly said:

Cant wait to get my mitts on one! Importing maybe the solution If its a new year release date. The importers are going to love it! £850 for a nice freshly imported Japanese model anyone?

I'll never pre-order or buy anything from GAME again after they swindled me with both my 3DS and Wii U pre-orders. They actively sting people for pre-ordering with deals that they beat on launch day, its appalling. Its the pre-order folks that need looking after the most as they are the die hard gamers that bring them the most business. In fact, if I could find out which shop was their arch nemesis, I'd probably pre-order 2 there just to make a point.

I'll not miss GAME if they go out of business, their mentality and approach is terrible. They are one of the main reasons why independent games shops disappeared from the high street and its high time karma intervened and paved way for the indie shops to re-take the space again.

I'd even be happy to pay 10-20% more for a game just to be able to buy it from a local bricks and mortar games shop rather than line the greedy pockets of a dying franchise like GAME.

Oooops, I'm ranting, sorry.



InsertNameHere said:

@hydeks Personally, I feel that the PS4 already has this race won. Microsoft may surprise us, but with everything that was revealed about the PS4, that's going to be a hard thing to do. Media Molecule is finally showing the Move some love and we saw the stunning end result of that boot-knocking. Sony could turn everything around this year, they just need to keep doing what they're doing right now.



Paranoimia said:

Already pre-ordered mine with ShopTo. I'll be getting one anyway, so why not?! Although it's more a 'register your interest' thing at the moment rather than an actual pre-order as they don't take any money.

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