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Watch Kevin Spacey Get to Grips with a PlayStation Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

Buying one for the car

Sony is no stranger to product placement, but this scene from Netflix exclusive show 'House of Cards' really takes the biscuit. In it, Kevin Spacey randomly picks up a PlayStation Vita and talks about buying one for his car. It's unbelievably awkward, but we suppose it's nice to see the console finally getting some advertising.

It's not entirely out of character either, as an earlier episode showed Spacey playing Killzone 3. We wonder if he's earned his Platinum Trophy yet.


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Zach said:

I like it! It looks like he's a bit awkward because he's taking about a gaming system and he knows he's a grown man playing with someone's son's toy. I'm just happy to see a grown man play video games anyway.



hamispink said:

I didn't think it was too awkward, though it certainly did surprise me! I did enjoy in an earlier episode while he was playing Killzone, he was wearing the Playstation wireless headset. I got a laugh out of that because I was wearing the same headset while watching the show

On the topic of the show, I'm really enjoying it. I'm surprised how much I want him to succeed considering he seems downright evil in his pursuit of power.



Splat said:

I have heard alot of good things about House of Cards I plan on giving it a shot soon.



InsertNameHere said:

They need to promote the Vita in True Blood, Arrow, Psych, The Big Bang Theory and one other popular series. That oughta get the Vita noticed by the general public.



NathanUC said:

If you know his character and personality, it's not that weird. It's actually a very interesting show so far! Seems clearly sponsored by both Sony and Microsoft in a lot of ways though



Batman said:

"Is that a PS Vita?"

  • picks up console -
    "I should buy one of these for the car"
  • turns to camera, looks directly into it -
    "And so can you for the low, low, price of $250"
  • Smiles, freeze frame. The camera zooms in to reveal a solitary tear rolling down one cheek -

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