If you’ve always been eager to tickle Kasumi into submission, then Dead or Alive 5 Plus should be right up your alley. The portable PlayStation Vita remake features a brand new ‘Touch Fight’ mode, which allows you to attack opponents using simple taps and swipes of the touch screen. In this option, the action takes place from a first-person perspective, putting you right in the middle of “the most intuitive Dead or Alive fighting experience to date”.

You can choose to hold the system horizontally for a full view of the stage, or vertically for a close-up of your opponent. Tapping and swiping in various directions unleashes different moves, with enemies reacting realistically to where they’re being attacked. According to publisher Tecmo Koei, there’s plenty of room for traditional juggles and combos despite the simplistic controls.

“[You can] swipe upward to launch your opponent flying into the air, opening up the opportunity to perform an air combo,” community manager Chin Soon Sun explained on the PlayStation Blog. “Pinching the touch screen will result in a hold if your opponent is striking or a throw if your opponent is guarding, standing, or executing a hold.”

You'll be able to touch your favourite fighters in March, when Dead or Alive 5 Plus makes a date with store shelves.

[via blog.eu.playstation.com]