You’ve all seen the images of Sony Computer Entertainment founder Ken Kutaragi clinging proudly to the shiny chassis of an early PlayStation 3. Way back in 2005, the responsibility of revealing Sony’s next generation system fell at the feet of the former SCE president. But with the luminary’s status within the company now significantly diminished, and the platform holder strongly expected to announce the PlayStation 4 later this evening, which executive will be handed the opportunity to make the big reveal?

There are four potential candidates as far as we’re concerned: Kaz Hirai, Andrew House, Jack Tretton, and Shuhei Yoshida. All of the aforementioned names hold high ranks within the manufacturer’s hierarchy, with the former sitting right at the top of the tree. But which of the equally likeable employees will it be?

Since taking over the role as Sony CEO in April last year, Kaz Hirai – who is responsible for some of PlayStation’s greatest ever sound bites – has stepped away from SCE. However, there’s no denying the importance of the brand to the overall company’s financial health, and this may prompt the company overlord to handle the announcement himself.

It would certainly be a sign of confidence to shareholders. Hirai has already listed PlayStation as one of Sony’s core pillars, and by revealing the manufacturer’s next system, it would definitely reinforce that point of view. However, while the executive will certainly be in attendance at the press conference this evening, it would break tradition if he were to take the reins.

Ordinarily, it’s the current SCE president that it is responsible for revealing the platform holder’s next console. As previously discussed, Ken Kutaragi showed off the PS3 in 2005, while Kaz Hirai pulled the PlayStation Vita out of his pocket in 2011. Assuming the pattern is maintained, the burden will be passed onto Andrew House, who currently oversees the PlayStation brand globally.

But we’re just not convinced that he has the aura to make the announcement special. Clearly the Welsh businessman is extremely adept at his job, but he doesn’t ooze the same confidence as the aforementioned names. We suppose that this could be his moment to shine, but time will dictate if he’s up to the challenge.

That’s if he announces the system at all, of course. We fully expect SCEA president Jack Tretton to anchor much of this evening’s press conference. The straight-laced executive has become a firm favourite at E3 for his no-nonsense attitude and self-assured demeanour. The former Activision employee is an extremely good public speaker, so the platform holder may ultimately decide that he’s the best candidate for the role.

And then there’s Shuhei Yoshida. The boss of Sony’s Worldwide Studios has built up quite a strong following on Twitter due to his friendly personality and enthusiastic nature. It’s possible that the company may decide to leverage that, and allow the Japanese executive to handle the announcement.

Whoever the responsibility falls to, though, we’re sure that they’re suffering from some pre-show jitters right now. Who do you think that it will be? Let us know in the comments section and poll below.

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Andrew House


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Shuhei Yoshida


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