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Splash Your Cash on PlayStation Network, Get Money Back

Posted by Sammy Barker

Your own personal PlayStation piggy bank

Sony’s announced that it’s bringing back its popular cash back scheme, rewarding you with $10 credit for every $50 you spend on the PlayStation Store through 1st April. There’s no limit to the offer – you’ll get $40 if you spend $200, for example – making this year’s promotion more attractive than ever before.

In order to help you splash your cash, the platform holder has compiled a list of upcoming releases that you might be interested in. There are a slew of ‘Day One Digital’ titles due to hit the PlayStation Store over the coming weeks, including MLB 13 The Show and BioShock Infinite. It’s also worth noting that an annual PlayStation Plus subscription will set you back $49.99 – sending you well on the way to your first credit token.

The offer's limited to North America at the moment, but we're sure that Europe will jump on board eventually. In the meantime, you can peruse all of the details through here. Let us know if you'll be taking advantage of the promotion in the comments section below.


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rjejr said:

Considering all the $59.99 digital games almost everybody will find some use for this. And considering all the sales disc based games get in stores (just bought Darksiders 2 for $15 - yes I know THQ just went under) this promotion, or something similar, should probably be permanent. Especially now that we know you can't transfer and play purchases on your shiny new PS4. And while it's true disc games won't work on the PS4 either, you can always trade those in or sell them on eBay or give them to the kid next door.

At some point, though maybe not yet, that will become a factor for some people when considering a digital purchase.



rjejr said:

"It’s also worth noting that an annual PlayStation Plus subscription will set you back $49.99 – sending you well on the way to your first credit token."

According to several posts by the Sony rep on the US blog you WILL get the $10 back with only a $49.99 PS+ sub or renewal but maybe not with any other purchase totaling $49.99. I'm tempted now, if only to see if it's true.

  • Pierre Gravereau on February 26th, 2013 at 10:13 am said:
    Yes, with a spent of $49.99 you would be elligible. As we have always done in teh past you won’t need to spend an extra $0.01to qualify.

Also, you get an extra 3 months with a 1 yr. PS+ until next Monday March 4th. (Which probably everybody already knew.)
Might be time for me to renew. Wonder if I can pick up a $50 PSN card at Gamestop w/ my $85 store credit there?

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