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Sony Unchains God of War: Ascension Launch Trailer

Posted by Sammy Barker

Blades of steel

If you’re having a particularly bad month, then the upcoming God of War: Ascension should prove the ultimate antidote to your anger. Sony has released a brand new trailer for the furious PlayStation 3 prequel, which shows off a number of the game’s set-pieces, while also laying the foundations for the narrative. If you still haven't made up your mind about the title, a single-player demo is set to release on the PlayStation Network later today in North America and tomorrow in Europe. We have a sneaking suspicion that it just might win you over.


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Gemuarto said:

Don't know why petty humans like God of War. Played demo, and it was super boring.



InsertNameHere said:

@Gemuarto If you thought it was boring, that's cool. But thousands, maybe even millions of other people disagree with you. Also, why call us "petty"?



Gemuarto said:

Because topic is about GOD =).

That's a shame that millions of people disagree with me =). I suggest them to play another game about pale god with red tatooos =))). Itis much better in every aspect =).

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