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So, One of Quantic Dream's Top Executives Is in New York

Posted by Sammy Barker

You know what happens there

Forget journalistic ethics, we’re dashing our scruples and slipping into tabloid mode. Following a round of careful Twitter stalking, the eagle-eyed anarchists over at NeoGAF have discovered that Quantic Dream’s co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière is currently in New York, whining about the weather. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks, you should have a pretty good idea about why he might be there.

Now, there’s a decent chance that the executive might simply be on holiday, but we’re not buying that for a minute. Quantic Dream is rumoured to be working on a PlayStation 4 game, and it's interesting that one of the studio's most important members is in the area just moments before the next generation system's big reveal. Could the Parisian developer be about to make a surprise announcement? Give us a minute to whip out our phone hacking gear, and we’ll let you know.


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rjejr said:

"You know what happens there"


It's what happens in the rest of the world that we occasionally wonder about.

About time the Kara demo got itself into a game and out of that Link like Gamecube ether.



meldarion said:

I missing school this week just for crysis and the PS4 announcement they better not disappoint me both of them



Valky said:

I'm expecting lots of surprises, from the console and the software, am I wrong?



rastamadeus said:

Could be a game but then again it could just be a load of top execs at all game companies want to be there. Hopefully the latter but I'd have thought it'd be Cage to unveil a QD game...



3Above said:

I rewatched the Kara behind the scenes video yesterday. There is no way they went through all that trouble of auditioning what, 100 actresses, doing MOCAP and 3D scans of her body and getting Frence and German actresses who say 1 line and Japanese actress to sing 2 lines of lyrics all back in 2010, just for a 6-7mins tech demo.



Savino said:

I love interactive story telling!!!
Since I was a kid throwing dices around a RPG table!!!



rastamadeus said:

@IAmNotWill I thought that. Then recently played Heavy Rain and I was gripped. Superb game. Now eagerly awaiting Beyond and anything else they release. It may seem boring at first but as soon as it clicks in your head you're addicted.

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