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Rumour: Sony Considering £300 Price Point for PlayStation 4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Platform holder hoping to lure millions to its latest console

It sounds like Sony has learned from the ‘$599 US dollar’ fiasco of old, and is aiming to price its upcoming next generation platform extremely competitively. UK newspaper The Times claims that the company is considering a £300 ($465) price point for its latest machine, a tag that would be more than “£100 cheaper than the starting cost of its predecessor, the PlayStation 3”.

The publication cites “leaked internal documents” as its source, which is particularly interesting. When asked for clarification on Twitter, author Murad Ahmed explained that the report is based on “local UK pricing” and “not a yen conversion”. Earlier in the month, Japanese newspaper Ashai Shimbun speculated that the PlayStation 4 would retail for ¥40,000 ($431) in its home territory.

While the conversions may look steep, it’s important to note that a £300 price point would pretty much guarantee a $400 fee in North America. Europe tends to pay more for its consoles, with the UK typically hit particularly hard. Considering that the premium Wii U bundle currently retails for around £289, there are signs that Sony could be about to get very aggressive indeed.

How much would you pay for the next generation PlayStation? Let us know in the comments section below.


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ShogunRok said:

If it does end up being £300, I think initial sales would go through the roof. That's a pretty insane price for a new console. That price point would be enough to sway a lot of naysayers as well.



Blaze said:

Wow. Things look like they might be about to get interesting!



get2sammyb said:

I imagine none of this is decided yet. They'll wait to see what Xbox does first. Considering the price of the Wii U, though, this would be insane.



3Above said:

Im thinking that about right. They wont go high like with PS3. I will to pay $450 USD for it but im hoping for a $400usd bundle with 1 game, that might be asking too much though.



Savino said:

Well, if the dollar continues to be this low rated money, it can cost 1000$ dollars the still would be cheap for us here in Brazil!
But I know you guys on the north are passing through a rough time, so 400$ is my most strong wish!!!



MadchesterManc said:

@Zenith I think steam box could be a dark horse for next gen. Definitely piqued my interest when Valve announced they were considering Linux for its Os.

As for the Ps4 price tag. £300? Its a bit of a dreamworld price for us in the UK but I cant see it being much more than that. With the way Sony have gone about developing the next PlayStation its going to be cheaper than PS3 at launch regardless



JavierYHL said:

any price for the ps4 is ok with me its just need the games that i want...



rjejr said:

I thought Sammy already declared the $399 US price a few weeks ago

Too many variables - EyeToy, HDD or SSD, drive size - to guess. $399 won't get you much though if it includes the Eye as $269 PS3 doesn't have an Eye. $400 may get you 32Gb like a Wii U. They'll have a $499 version w/ 500GB and 1 yr. PS+.



hYdeks said:

$399-449 wouldn't be a terrible price for me, as long as I see the awesome games, and stuff to support that price



danschemen said:

A cheap price will help out but it's the games that are coming out on release date that really determines how well it sells. If there are a lot of games that people don't really care about come out on release day it probably won't sale as well as thy might if hoped.



charlesnarles said:

Cheaper parts = better price. Interesting how little we know about its available options other than the camera. That price is super competitive with gaming PCs too.



hamispink said:

@rjejr The PS3 can be sold for $200, Sony just isn't yet so they can make a bigger profit. Also, I'd be very surprised if the PS4 came with anything less than a 250gb hard drive. Hard drive costs are low, and it's kind of a joke that the Wii U would use flash storage and only include 32 gb (though thankfully they allow for external hard drives). As far as manufacturing costs go, I wouldn't be surprised if a 250/500 gb hard drive costs Sony less money than a 40-120 gb drive because they aren't produced in the same quantity anymore.



AVahne said:

Well Japan got that Vita price drop to the equivalent of $200 for us for both Wi-Fi and 3G. Perhaps Sony will announce the same for western territories tomorrow!
Hopefully at least. Hoping they bring back the white color to America as well :/



Ps4all said:

I budgeted $400 for the console, $150 for games....fingers crossed!!

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