You see that big rumour tag at the top of your screen? Colour it in with a shocking pink marker pen and set it on fire, because this is the very definition of a speculative piece. Still, we couldn’t resist sharing the latest gossip regarding Sony’s rapidly approaching 20th February press conference, and we think that you’ll appreciate the conjecture within.

Word has it that Evolution Studios is working on a new street racing game for the PlayStation 4. Many of you will recall the Runcorn-based developer hiring Ged Talbot, the lead designer behind Bizarre Creations’ Blur and Project Gotham Racing titles, adding credence to the reports. Apparently, he’s been joined by a slew of ex-Studio Liverpool employees to create what the team is describing internally as “Europe’s biggest racing game in a decade”.

According to the site STFUandPlay [we know – Ed], the developer had originally intended to brand the title with the Gran Turismo name, but Sony Japan wasn’t so keen on the idea. It makes sense considering the simulation series’ prestige, but could have done wonders for the game’s sales potential if true.

The publication adds that the game will debut alongside the PS4 on 20th February. It’ll be joined by a fellow SCEE project, in the shape of a “next gen shocker” from Guerrilla Games. The Dutch studio is rumoured to be working on a fantasy title, in addition to a new Killzone.

Of course, while the source is clearly not concrete, it’s also not out of the realm of possibility. We already know that Evolution and Guerrilla are working on next-generation projects, and both studios are renowned for pushing hardware. In short, they’d be the perfect first-party candidates to launch a new console.

Furthermore, to add some weight behind the report, Polygon writer Arthur Gies has taken to NeoGAF to confirm that the rumour tallies with chit-chat that he’s heard behind the scenes. Naturally, it’s still worth taking everything with a pinch of salt – but it’s hard not to get a little bit excited, isn’t it?