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Rumour: Could Ivory Tower's Leaked Racer Be a PS4 Launch Game?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Accelerating into sight

It’s not going to stop, is it? Seasoned online sleuth Superannuation may have just unearthed details about one of the PlayStation 4’s very first games. According to the CV of a contract artist – which has suspiciously been yanked – new developer Ivory Tower is working on a “confidential game” for the PlayStation 3 and – you guessed it – PlayStation 4.

According to the spy, Ivory Tower is a brand new studio formed out of the ashes of Eden Games. The secretive next generation release is believed to be a spiritual successor to the Test Drive Unlimited series, which will supposedly be published by Ubisoft.

Given the French outfit’s recent launch strategies, it would certainly make sense for the racer to be ready for the PS4's release – but naturally this is all just speculation. Tag this one with a big fat rumour sticker for the time being. Well, at least until the 20th February.


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charlesnarles said:

Beautiful screenshot. Def looks better than ps3 (but they do retouch things). Takes me back to the days of test drive 5 in '98. Need for Speed just wasn't as fun



3Above said:

Hmmm i wonder if this will be a trend for the 1st yrs. Having the same game available on both consoles? In a way i hope so that way all the FF Versus XIII fans and The Last Guardian fans who dont make the jump will get to play those games. I still think that the golden lightining inthe teaser is significant somehow!



get2sammyb said:

@3Above I think it definitely will. There's still such a huge market for PS3/Xbox 360, that developers won't drop them straight away. Sports games will probably still be launching on PS3 way into 2016, if not beyond.



Savino said:

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy.... You got me ranting here and made me look crazy in front my wife and kids!

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