An official press release has revealed one of the PlayStation 4’s least glamorous secrets: it will ship with a mono headset out of the box. Much like the Xbox 360, the communication device will plug directly into the new DualShock 4 controller, allowing you to discuss strategies with friends or whine about the weather. It is particularly chilly tonight, isn’t it?

As previously rumoured, the controller itself will feature a mono speaker in the centre of the unit which can be used for sound effects similar to the Nintendo Wii. You’ll be able to pipe these sounds to the headset if you prefer, preventing you from sapping the patience out of anyone else who just might happen to be in the room.

Much like the PlayStation Move, the light bar on the top of the unit can change colour. In addition to tracking depth, Sony intends to use this feature to give additional feedback to players as they play. For example, different hues can be used to distinguish different participants in a multiplayer game or to show that someone’s health is low.

Best yet, you’ll be able to recharge the unit while the PS4 system is in standby; a feature that will no doubt delight long-time PlayStation 3 owners who have been forced to wrestle with the current generation console’s inane charging methods over the past seven years. You can get a better look at the new controller through here.