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PlayStation 4 Will Support 4K Resolution, Just Not for Games

Posted by Sammy Barker

PlayStation 4K

Living up to its namesake, Sony’s next generation platform will be capable of outputting video in 4K resolution – however that functionality won’t extend to games. Chatting with Joystiq earlier today (or last night, our days are blurring together right now), Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida explained that no titles currently in development for the PlayStation 4 will support the super high-definition format.

The platform holder pushed 4K technology hard at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, leading us to ponder whether the functionality would factor into the manufacturer’s impending machine. Now we have an answer, we’d like to personally thank Sony for not railroading us into buying yet another expensive television.


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irken004 said:

4K isn't going to be mainstream for quite some time, so having games at 1080p but with more graphical detail is fine by me



Knux said:

Cool, because I like to keep my 1080i HDTV, you know.



Ginkgo said:

You just have to remember that BluRay Discs are big enough to hold 4K movies. Supporting it is a no-brainer for them.



rjejr said:

"we’d like to personally thank Sony for not railroading us into buying yet another expensive television."

What's the word on 3D? I know their 24" display sdidnt' sell very well but I don't recall anybody wearing any glasses last night, or even talking about their games being in 3D. I'm sure the system could pull it off, but it didn't seem like it was being promoted at all.



MadchesterManc said:

@rjejr Sony were aiming for 1080p3D ingame when talk started surfacing of Ps4 last year, but as you noticed nothing was mentioned during the conference. I enjoy 3D myself so im hoping its still on the cards, its not like the Ps4 couldn't do it. Hell it still surprises me when playing Uncharted3 in 3D with it managing to keep a high fidelity.



Alpha said:

@rjejr id say it did, i bought one, its the BEst tv ive ever had and used, and i barley use the 3D on it too



Zombie_Barioth said:

I hope they continue with 3D too, not very many games actually have 3D so theres enough out to make buying a 3DTV worth it. Its a nice feature though especially with games.

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