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No, PlayStation Vita's Not Getting a Price Cut in North America

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sony's staying put for the time being

Starting next week, you’ll be able to purchase a PlayStation Vita for a significantly reduced price in Japan. Both the bog-standard Wi-Fi and 3G iterations will be available for ¥19,980 ($213), representing a decrease of around ¥5,000 ($53) on the basic model. However, while we’d predicted a similar change would be made overseas during Sony’s press event earlier in the week, it never came. And now Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has ruled out a price cut in North America entirely.

Speaking as part of a roundtable interview, the likeable executive cited exchange rates as one of the reasons for the price drop being exclusive to Japan. "One answer could be when you compare the pricing on Vita across regions, because of the yen value, in Japan the system had been priced the highest. We had been selling for ¥25,000; that's more than $250 when you compare the exchange rates."

When pushed for clarity, Yoshida added: "I wasn't saying one way to explain [the price drop]. It's a region-by-region-based decision, always."

It could also be that the handheld market is simply more important in Japan. While the Vita has been flagging since its release, the Nintendo 3DS is flying – and Sony may simply want a bigger piece of the pie. The price cut is particularly aggressive, so perhaps the manufacturer couldn't afford to make the change globally.

Regardless, it's an interesting strategy. Do you think that this is a mistake by the platform holder? How much do you think is a reasonable price for the handheld? Let us know in the comments section below.


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InsertNameHere said:

I'm fine with it's current price, $250 isn't bad. Of course, some people are cheapskates and want Sony to practically give them away. Americans seem to have forgotten that quality, comes at a price. So, i'm willing to pay $250, because it's worth it.



rjejr said:

Is the person who predicted a Vita price drop Wed. night the same person who also predicted a $199 PS3 announcement? Or was that just Pacther?

A shortened version of my long winded comment yesterday - Sony's top priority is the PS4, the Vita is a hobby like Apple TV. Nintendo is so focused on it's 3DS it's primarily promoted E3 Wii U launch title Pikmin 3 doesn't even have a release date yet. That's why 3DS is crushing Vita and the PS4 could crush the Wii U.



Valky said:

I was also hoping for it, but now PS4 got in my head and VITA is already slowly fading away from my mind. With that said, I could even go and get a VITA alongside the PS4, but guys it's all about titles, and to bite the 3DS with superior tech.



Placlu said:

Price cut already kinda happened in Australia; EB Games have a deal where you can get a Wifi Vita & LBP for $250; or 3G and All Stars for $300. (That's cheap in Australia.. sadly..)

Either way, in my opinion their is little reason to get a Vita. I guess I'll keep to my 3DS.



hYdeks said:

@Placlu to you there is lil reason to get a vita, I have a vita and love almost every game that has come out, I see no reason to get a 3DS (I owned one, got bored with it quick) kinda funny how gamers now have extremely different tastes

In Canada, you can get: 1/ Vita wifi w/Black Ops and 4gb card for $249.99
2/ White Vita wifi w/ Assassin's Creed and 4gb card for $249.99
3/Vita wifi/3g with D/L codes for Gravity Rush and Unit 13 for $299.99

so really, there giving people tons of great options, I see no reason not to dive into the vita



FullbringIchigo said:

like i said before the price of the system is fine THEY JUST NEED TO CUT THE PRICE OF THE MEMORY CARDS because many of my friends play my Vita and they would buy one but it needs memory cards and they wont pay that price for them (i got mine in a bundle it's only a 4GB one but it does it's job)



Knux said:

Considering how well designed and powerful the Vita is, $250 is more than reasonable. Now the memory cards on the other hand...



Sanquine said:

BIG F*cking Mistake! I know 30 friends who are dying to buy a vita for killzone mercenary , but they first want the price drop



Savino said:

They are probably testing the japanese market to see if the price cut improves the sales, if so, they will do the same in the west!



Sanquine said:

@Savino I hope so! Many people are waiting to buy this product however, the price is to damn high

Btw do you have persona 4 ? I just bought it:D hope its good:D



Gamer83 said:

I've said before if they don't want to cut the price of the unit itself, the prices of memory cards at least need to drop. I still think it's a big mistake not to cut the price of the system down to at least $200 though.



Savino said:

@Sanquine I guess it makes sense... Japan is a great market, not to mention sonys home, so if the units start to sell more there due the price cut, they nailed the problem, if not, price wasnt the problem and they can think about other strategy without losing money per sale in the west!

Price cut is a one way route, so if this isnt the problem, they dont lose money world wide.

And I still didnt get P4! I have a huge amount of game to finish before take my time with RPGs!!



Pichuka97 said:

I predict that Nintendo will be dedicating this E3 to both systems and Sony will probably keep trying to build hype for PS4. That's how I see it anyways.



neumaus said:

Keep the price, but at least release the 32gig memory card bundle Japan is getting! C'mon Sony, don't expect the PS4 to sell the system for you (cause it won't happen, even with remote play).



Gemuarto said:

I think that price drop will occure in september alongside with realese of Killzone Mercenary =).



black-kyurem said:

All they need to do is

A:Cut the prices of the memory cards especially since they can only be used for Vita.

B:Market it more aggressively.



ThreadShadow said:

Well thanks for nothing and have a good day to you too Sony! Should we not let the door hit our rear-ends on the way out?



BlueProxy said:

C'mon Sony... Do you guys want to push Vita sales or not? Yes your still loosing money on them, but the goal is to get them off the shelves and make money on software and accessories right. $200 USD, w/1 year PS Plus subscription... make it happen.

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