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New Velocity Ultra Screenshots Light Up the Night Sky

Posted by Sammy Barker

Like fireworks, only better

As an award winner and an all-around high-flier, FuturLab must have faced a few headaches when it decided to remake the excellent Velocity for PlayStation Vita. “How can we possibly improve upon perfection?” is a question that we imagine got tossed about a lot during early brainstorming sessions. Thankfully, it happened upon a solution: make Velocity Ultra’s plentiful explosions look really, really pretty.

“The lighting effects have a huge visual impact on the game, and look and feel very satisfying in action,” studio gaffer James Marsden wrote on the developer’s official blog. “As many of you already know, you can fling unlimited bombs in Velocity, and doing that to create really bright explosions everywhere is just loads of fun.”

Despite already looking impressive, the developer insists that there’s still a long way to go. “There are plenty of visual improvements to be made,” Marsden continued. “The trail, whilst improved, can be smoothed out a little, and we’ve yet to get the nebula swirl colours right.” Perfectionists.



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