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New Final Fantasy Title to Be Revealed at E3 2013

Posted by Katy Ellis

Oh Square Enix, you tease

During all the excitement of new game announcements at today's PlayStation press conference, Final Fantasy brand director, Shinji Hashimoto, took to the stage to sneak in a couple of words about a new Final Fantasy game which will be unveiled at E3 this year. With not even a glimpse of gameplay footage, or even a screenshot, Square Enix left fans feeling utterly teased about the prospects of a new addition to the series.

While no other details were mentioned, the Luminous Engine tech demo, Agni's Philosophy, which was shown at E3 last year, does give us a strong indication of how the new game will look. Which is absolutely amazing, by the way.

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ShogunRok said:

Got to hand it to Square Enix - not only did they show a trailer that we've already seen, but they managed to announce an announcement, too. The only thing they're good at these days is wasting people's time.



Knux said:

While I'm excited about what could possibly be Final Fantasy XV, I'm still waiting on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts III. Quit jumping the gun, Square Enix.



JavierYHL said:

hmm...square enix dun like to show gameplay for any of their games now..



ThreadShadow said:

How about they make a game where the guys with the AK-47's are the good guys, killing wizards and stuff! Why does magic always have to be the "good" side? Agni finds out the truth, rejects magic, picks up an AK-47 and joins the good guys!



belmont said:

Square trolled us by announcing the announcement of a game.

FF15? FF13-4? FF7 remake? No info. Too bad, a FF in release date would sell me the console (provided it would not be super expensive).



rjejr said:

@ShogunRok - So I did already see that trailer, thought so.

Level 5 has replaced SE as my go-to company. It's been all downhill since X-2 though 12 was an OK Monster Hunter game. What's that, like 10 years now? Though I would buy an HD VII remake for my kids to play.



Squiggle55 said:

I just realized that I think it would be great if they announced that FFXIV was coming to PS4 as well.

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