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Microsoft Executive Plays Down Impending PlayStation Meeting

Posted by Sammy Barker

"Consumers won't know what's announced"

Ever since Sony promised to show us a glimpse of the future, Microsoft has been uncharacteristically quiet. However, in an interview with MCV published earlier today, Xbox UK executive Jon Grimes has suggested that most consumers won’t even know what’s announced during PlayStation’s upcoming 20th February event.

“Whatever gets announced on February 20th, the majority of consumers in the UK won’t know,” he said. “They’ll still want to buy the devices out there. Our job is not to get lost in the industry chatter, but to ensure that the consumers going into stores, going online, still experience Xbox. The announcement is important for the industry, but it’s also important to remember who is buying right now.”

While we do understand the perspective that Grimes is coming from, we think he’s overlooking the spectacle of this event. Assuming the PlayStation 4 is announced, it will make mainstream news, and it will have a bigger impact on the market than the executive is giving credit. Microsoft is well known for its MTV reveal events, so perhaps a live-streamed press conference is considered small-time in the platform holder’s eyes.

Regardless, the insinuation that Sony has lost sight of the existing market is bizarre. You only need to look at the PS3’s release schedule in comparison to the Xbox 360’s to see which console is more relevant at the moment.


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Gamer83 said:

I honestly really couldn't care less about anything somebody at MS has to say at this point. The Xbox brand has become totally boring.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Well, he's right...the upcoming announcement is geared directly towards the hardest of the true "core" gamers (no the faux hardcore Microsoft courts). So yeah, I doubt it'll impact sales very much in the short term...but Microsoft can't hope to keep up at the rate they're going anyway.



rjejr said:

What are the going odds that Disney Infinity will be part of the presentation?

It was the worst part of the ND this morning, sucking all the wind out of it's sales and leaving it to end badly.



ShogunRok said:

@rjejr I really hope not. I don't think it's quite high profile enough to appear at Sony's event. At least, I hope it's not.



3Above said:

Just MS BS. What difference does it make if most consumers " dont know whats announced." Its not like the PS4 will be on sale the day after the press event. There will be plenty of time for more mainstream advertising. MS is just being jerks.



FullbringIchigo said:

we wont know what's announced? as soon as anything is announced the internet will explode sounds like someone [MS] is getting a little worried



InsertNameHere said:

If the PS4 is announced, the UK consumers will most definitely hear about it. Unless Microsoft has some plan to shut down internet and cable/satellite access throughout the UK, so they'll be in the dark.



hYdeks said:

the xbox brand is boring and sucks lately, all they have is halo, and that's not enough

As for this guy's comments, he sounds upset that PlayStation has stuff to show, while xbox people are still excited over Halo 4 PATHETIC!

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