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Michael Pachter Predicts PS3 Price Cut At PlayStation Meeting

Posted by Sammy Barker

Dropping like a rock

Seasoned industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that a PlayStation 3 price-cut will be announced next week. Chatting with, the likeable executive predicted that the console’s cost will be slashed to $199.99 during Sony’s widely publicised 20th February press conference, presumably as a measure to maintain interest in the aging platform once the PlayStation 4 is announced.

There’s currently a wide array of bundles available for Sony’s flagship system in North America, with price tags ranging from $269.99 to $349.99. Many of these were dropped to $199.99 during last year’s Black Friday period, so it’s not hard to imagine the platform holder introducing a permanent $50 cut across its entire range. The company has also had success with the system’s budget 12GB SKU in Europe, so perhaps that could make its way overseas.

With the gorgeous God of War: Ascension right around the corner, it would certainly be a great time for the company to slash the price of the PS3. Would you be tempted to purchase a spare if it permanently hit $199.99? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Jaz007 said:

Um no I don't need a spare lol. This sounds like a pretty good prediction.



Valky said:

Or maybe a Vita pricecut? Now that would be really really hot, with the money saved I would go buy straight with a 32gb Memory Card, and never ever regret it.

Seriously, Vita needs a boost, the Wii U stole away potential buyers for the winter season, with even more 3DS sold



hYdeks said:

Pachter actually made a good prediction?!? Holy crap, I'm scared ¬¬

I could see a PS3 for $199.99, but not with a game or anything with it, especially since that God of War bundle is coming out after the Feb 20th meeting, and is gonna retail for $349.99 Maybe the small 12gb model of the super slim will reach NA and be that price, I could see that.



XCWarrior said:

Already own one, but seems like a safe bet. Pachter rarely makes any bold predictions, either obvious or bad ones.




The 12gb model is €189 in gamestop here in Ireland, down from €229 at release.



Zombie_Barioth said:

$200 sounds about right for a base model PS3, and they probably could keep the bundles around their current prices. I can see the 12gb slim competing with the 4gb Xbox for around the same price point.

I don't think I'll be needing a backup anytime soon, a bigger hdd maybe but thats it.



charlesnarles said:

My 60gb already got sent to Sony for a YLOD almost a year ago now and it's working better than ever. Plus there's also an 80 here, so I'm knee deep in ps3s with no disc space. I'd have to trade BC for enough room for games tho : ( I haven't heard anything about ps4/2 compatibility, but I think they'd be able to pretty easily



ThreadShadow said:

500GB arctic white is looking better and better at $199.99 if I ever need a replacement.

But I'm looking for a price drop on PSV cards. I need a 32 before I can really start enjoying it.



Jaz007 said:

@charlesnarles replacing the hard drive is a great way to save money. I got 500gb hard drive for $50 when my 40gb ran out, worked like a charm. I hear sometimes the wrong hard drive can slow your PS3 down with loading times but I haven't any such problems. It does take a long time for things to download so that could be related but that really haven't been a problem for me.



Reala said:

don't have a PS3 at all so if they did cut the super slim even further in the UK might just get that and put the wii u on hold for a while longer.



rjejr said:

Why doesn't this headline start with RUMOUR?

Seriously, it's Pachter, anything he says should be headlined rumour. He doens't work for Sony and he never has any inside info. Kotaku is better.

Not saying it won't happen, but it's just a coincidence if it does.

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