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Mass Effect 3, Dead or Alive 5, and More Free on EU PS Plus

Posted by Sammy Barker

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Puddle up for grabs on Vita

The season of goodwill continues for European PlayStation Plus subscribers, with a wealth of stellar updates in the pipeline. Starting from 6th March, you’ll be able to download BioWare’s controversial space shooter Mass Effect 3 for free, as well as Tecmo Koei’s busty brawler Dead or Alive 5, and Hello Games’ outrageous stuntman sequel Joe Danger 2: The Movie.

Meanwhile, on PlayStation Vita, you’ll unlock access to the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on 13th March and the surprisingly enjoyable physics-based puzzler Puddle on 20th March. There’ll also be the usual mix of savings throughout the month, including an enormous 40 percent discount on Far Cry 3 from 27th March.

We should probably point out that Sleeping Dogs, Vanquish, and Limbo are all set to leave the Instant Game Collection on 6th March. Non-subscribers may want to keep their eyes peeled to Push Square over the coming weeks, as we may have a few free vouchers to give away.

As always, let us know if you're satisfied with this update in the comments section and poll below.

Which PS Plus title are you most looking forward to in March? (11 votes)

Mass Effect 3


Dead or Alive 5


Joe Danger 2: The Movie


Metal Gear Solid HD Collection




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Savino said:

Ow screw you US PSN!!!!
I will not renew my subscription!!!
I will make and european account!!! Is a little more expensive, but who cares?!



rjejr said:

Damn. I was able to sign up for a free EU PS+ month w/ a code from FB using my US cc, but even with the account set to auto-renew it wouldn't accept the card. I tried several others in trying to get the 30% off deal but no luck. Of course I knew it wouldn't work, but getting the free trial gave me false hope.
My US PS+ expired in Jan. and I haven't been even close to renewing. The free extra 3 months doesn't get me to sign up if the product isn't good in the first place.



divinelite said:


This is very very great update, even if I don't want to admit it, this update will never be beaten by ps plus america



Folderoll said:

This is pretty great, but ME should surely be played in order, please let me have 1 and 2 next month. Not bothered by DOA but MSG Vita, glad I held out on buying it now!

Am seriously put off buying VITA games now tbh, may as well wait for them to turn up on PS+



rastamadeus said:

Just bought Mass Effect 3 and DOA 5 literally an hour ago. FFS.

Thank God I didn't buy the MGS collection for Vita like I was going to.



ztpayne7 said:

Sammy, thank you SO much for taking the extra effort to put the EU or US on these posts. It might seem trivial to you, but I would have gotten SO excited at Mass Effect 3 in the states, because I'm planning on playing it in the next week or two. Granted, i'll probably still just rent it from the library (for free, because of fiancee works there!), but it would have made life a lot easier and would have been a let down.



RawShark said:

Hell of a line up! To be honest I was hoping for one of the God of War compilations to coincide with the release of Ascension, but I've nothing bad to say here.

I guess I'll need to get round to playing Mass Effect 1 & 2. And it's cool that we get MGS 2&3 for Vita. Always wanted to replay them but I sold my PS2 copies a while back. I'm having flashbacks of the sniper battle with The End as we speak ("You stick out like a sore thumb!".)



AceSpadeS said:

Hmm... We got Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Ultimate Almost Black But More Grey Like Edition in NA, you got MGS:HD, I can't complain for once, both are solid games.

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