Bungie is expected to announce Destiny on 17th February, but it may have been beaten to the punch. Joystiq has got its hands on a couple of promotional posters, which show the game’s logo and lead characters. Apparently, the hoardings will be available from GameStop stores on Monday, presumably as rewards for pre-orders.

According to the documentation included with the displays, the hotly anticipated sci-fi shooter will allow you to build your own character and unlock customisable weapons, gear, and vehicles in an online universe. It sounds a little bit like DUST 514 to us, though we’re obviously expecting an additional layer of polish. Apparently the title will feature competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes, in addition to public and social activities.

There’s no mention of platforms on the posters, but the PlayStation 3 was listed in a recent leak. It was originally thought that the Activision published title would be a timed Xbox 360 exclusive, but that's likely to have changed over the past few months.

[via joystiq.com]