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Latest PlayStation Vita Colour Is As Cold As Ice

Posted by Sammy Barker

Not willing to sacrifice, though

Sony’s trotting out another new PlayStation Vita colour in Asia next month. The chilly ‘Ice Silver’ design is set to release on 28th February in Hong Kong, with additional regions nabbing the hue in early March. “By continually releasing a vast library of exciting and attractive software titles, SCE is also geared up to enhancing the much-anticipated colour variations of the system and accessories line-up and promoting the further expansion of the Vita platform,” the manufacturer noted in an official press release.

The best thing about the new shade is that it should keep your frustrated fingers cool when you’re trying to complete those dreadful slide challenges in Gravity Rush. The mere thought of them is getting us hot and bothered.


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AceSpadeS said:

/Looks at picture.
/Looks at Crystal White ACIII Vita
/Fails to see difference.
Maybe it's just a bad image, but this doesn't look different.



Flashman said:

By continually releasing a vast library of exciting and attractive software titles

Like what and when? I cant remember the last time I bought a game for my vita!



3Above said:

Dont remind me of those challenges! I still need to get gold on them to finaly platinum Gravity Rush. ARRRRGGGHH



charlesnarles said:

lol it really does look like the AC one. So they offer black, red, blue, white, and offwhite? Now, teal or gbc/n64 see thru colors or something fun would get my attention. How about a heat-activated color-changing edition? Or a leather bound one?



JayArr said:

I've seen it before, happens all the time. Closing the door, leave your world behind..........

Curse you Sammy!



LukeNI said:

So when are we, the less fortunate in the EU getting different colour variations for the Vita (If ever)? I'm dying to get my hands on a white one, but i don't particularly want to import one.



hYdeks said:

slight difference over the ac3 one, but I still prefer the black vita



Flashman said:

I gathered that!! What I am wondering is when will all these games arrive and what are they going to be. My vita does little more than gather dust!!

Was looking at and they have a grand total of 2 games listed for Vita. Personna 4 & Sly Cooper. Other than that nothing. Seriously tempted to trade it in at Game for some instore credit!

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