People struggle to relate with protagonist Kratos’ anger issues, but we reckon that this God of War: Ascension live action trailer does a good job of explaining the character's emotional turmoil. The short – which is set to air during the online stream of the Super Bowl this weekend – shows the antihero clutching his daughter before she turns to ash.

Sony commissioned a special arrangement of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Hanging On’ to accompany the piece, which we think is a great fit. According to the platform holder, the commercial is the biggest production that has ever been created for a PlayStation 3 title.

It looks like the game’s totally deserving of the attention, too. The publisher released a whopping 30 minutes of single player footage earlier today, and, from a visual perspective at least, it looks like the release is in a completely different class to everything else on the market. The full title's due out in March.