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Feature: PlayStation Vita Is One Year Old, Here Are Five Games You Must Play

Posted by Sammy Barker

Happy birthday to you

Much like those people forced to celebrate their birthday on Christmas Eve, the PlayStation Vita’s first anniversary on the market has been somewhat overshadowed by the impending PlayStation 4. But we couldn’t let the handheld’s big day pass without a commemoration of some sort, so we’ve compiled a list of five of the system’s must play games. The console may not be setting the sales charts alight – but few could argue with the quality of the titles within.

Gravity Rush

At its core, Gravity Rush is a game about a girl and her cat. But the most recent release from Silent Hill creator Keiichirō Toyama is so much more than that. An open world platformer with a fascinating physics-based hook, the topsy-turvy adventure sends you on a sprawling journey through a floating city known as Hekseville. The plot may mimic the mechanics a little too closely, hopping about in a nauseating manner – but the gameplay is exquisite, and lead character Kat is arguably the greatest new PlayStation protagonist since Nathan Drake and Sackboy.

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

Inferior home console adaptations are one of the most frequent criticisms pointed at the Vita, but LittleBigPlanet PS Vita proves them wrong. Tarsier and Double Eleven’s impressive portable riff on the ‘Play Create Share’ format is not only one of the best Vita games, it’s also arguably the best entry currently available in Sackboy’s growing series. Touch inputs, motion controls, and better design tools make this a valuable addition to your video game collection – even if you’ve already played all of the entries on the PlayStation 3.

Persona 4 Golden

One of the best games on the PlayStation 2, revisited on a more suitable platform; Persona 4 Golden may slot into the dreaded ‘port’ category, but that doesn’t make the Atlus published title any less worth playing. Boasting new gameplay features, fresh story beats, and network functionality, this quirky blend of high-school drama and fantasy action is both a compelling Vita title and a real shot in the arm for the sagging JRPG genre. Plus, we kind of have a crush on Yukiko.

Super Stardust Delta

An enhanced version of the PlayStation Network favourite, Super Stardust Delta is an addictive dual-stick shooter with gameplay so absorbing that we don’t recommend playing it on the bus. The title may have been overshadowed by the wizardry of Uncharted: Golden Abyss at launch, but this was the system’s first true showpiece, boasting high-resolution visuals at a blisteringly slick framerate. The game’s only downside is its implementation of Near – we’ll scream if we discover any more soundtrack-based ‘Game Goods’.

WipEout 2048

Tinged with the sadness of Studio Liverpool’s demise, WipEout 2048 is a fitting tribute to the legendary UK studio. Boasting arguably one of the greatest intro movies of all time, the same trademark high-octane action that the franchise is famous for, and a particularly compelling online campaign, this is a swanky racer with some satisfying combat mechanics. Oh, and it has some of the best downloadable content that money can buy.

What’s your favourite Vita title to date? What are you most looking forward to over the next twelve months? Speak your mind via the comments section and poll below.

What's your favourite PlayStation Vita game? (55 votes)

Gravity Rush


LittleBigPlanet PS Vita


Persona 4 Golden


Super Stardust Delta


WipEout 2048


Something else


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User Comments (28)



hamispink said:

Great short-list of games, but Persona 4 Golden takes the cake by far. I really enjoyed LittleBigPlanet, and I can't wait for a Gravity Rush sequel, but Persona 4 stood out as the only outstanding game of the year for me(on any platform for that matter). Until I played Persona 4, I thought that 2012 was an overall good year for games, but with no standouts like Uncharted 2 or Bioshock. Now I just need to pick up Far Cry 3.



Mahra said:

I really agree on your list :3 I Love gravity rush the art of it is new and incredible , and little big planet is fun ^^ Long live vita ~



FlamingXDragon said:

I would vote for Persona 4 but I have not started the game yet because I am still playing through Persona 3 on the Vita. Littlebigplanet and wipeout would be the runner-ups for me.



Squiggle55 said:

I'm a different breed, but a couple of my favorites are Mutant Blobs and Motorstorm RC. And I really liked Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward as well. To be fair, I still have yet to play Persona 4, and I'm sure I'd love it.



JavierYHL said:

persona 4 golden and the runner up for me is ragnarok oddyssey...that game is great fun with friends



turtlelink said:

For the pole, it was between Persona 4 and Gravity Rush. I had to gave the edge to P4G though. Still need to try out WipeOut. Might be my next Vita game.



Jaz007 said:

Uncharted would be my favorite vita game. I haven't actually played anything else beside Unit 13 and some cross buy games though. I do intend to get gravity rush one day though, just not sure when that day is.



Brotagonist said:

Gravity Rush is one of my all time favorite games. My other pick should be obvious based on my avatar.



hYdeks said:

wow, I own 7 vita games, and you didn't mention one I had lol My favourite right now is Sonic and All-Stars Racing, great game, especially for SEGA fans



neumaus said:

Gravity Rush got my attention; hope I can find a copy when I get a Vita.



divinelite said:

The best game for vita i ever finish is of course PErsona 4 Golden, runner up maybe Virtue Last Reward because that game get me hooked so much.



belmont said:

I have played a lot of Vita games. If you have EU PSPlus you can get Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Wipeout and Lumines!

My personal favorites till now are Blazblue, Motorstorm RC and Metal Gear HD Collection.

Sometimes though I think I am the only one that likes Vita very much. PSP was one of my favorite consoles and I can play its games on Vita. Moreover I can also play some of my favorite PS1 games. Also Vita may have a little selection of games but most are very good. There is too little shovelware. I don't get why I see the "Vita has no games" in the internet. I also have a 3DS but its games don't appeal to me very much.



odd69 said:

After a year i havent picked up the vita, Im very behind. Nothing really makes me want to buy the system, the games i see on that list, are not interesting to me.



FullbringIchigo said:

persona 4 golden for me i never played the original PS2 version or any of the original persona games in fact until i got the remakes on PSP and boy did i miss out it's now one of my favourite series



get2sammyb said:

@odd69 That's a shame — they're all really good titles. Hopefully something will tempt you in the weeks to come.



naruball said:

All the games listed are simply superb, but Sound Shapes is by far my favourite one. I know, it's also available on ps3, but I've played several times and though the sound is significantly better, it's not as fun on a big screen.



hYdeks said:

@belmont completely agree with everything you said there! Your not alone, I've often felt like I'm the only one that likes the vita too! I use to own a 3ds, and had kid icarus and mario 3d land and all that, but mario was the only one that kept my attention after beating it. I find it hard to take people saying "the vita has nothing" when I own 7 games, love each and every one of them, and mean while I don't own ONE game mentioned in this article lol I still have tons of games to play, obviously

@devperson I'm playing that game right now and it's a absolute gem! and way harder than I was expecting it to be



hamispink said:

@belmont @hydeks I'm in a similar situation with my 3DS. I know that there are many great games on the system, but games that interest me with out the word "Mario" in the name are few and far between. I've started to play it more lately, and I'm looking forward to trying the MH3 demo this weekend, but I haven't touched the thing in months because I've had too many games to play on my vita!



chazaroonie said:

Nice shortlist indeed, I think honourable mentions should go to Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Assassins Creed: Revelations. Persona 4 will be my next purchase now it has been released in the UK. The Vita is coming into its own. I really feel it's fortunes are turning a corner. With PS4 connectivity on the horizon I'm beginning to feel like my purchase a year ago was a wise choice.



Galvatron said: top 5 are, in no order, Persona 4: Golden, Wipeout 2048, Gravity Rush, MGS: HD & Sine Mora. I actually feel guilty leaving out Criterions' superb Most Wanted & Assassin's Creed: Liberation, which surely deserves an honorary mention for slickest use of the rear touch pad; stealthily swiping loot via pick-pocketing NPC's

We still have possibly the greatest threat to Persona 4's crown in September with Killzone: Liberation. That looks immense.

In terms of demonstrating the Vita in full, however, Gravity Rush stands alone; it's the only title I've played where combining the immediacy of gyroscope / accelerometer in tandem with the analogue sticks works perfectly. Phenomenal sensation of flight and speed too, can't wait for the sequel.



Cranky said:

I like the list but my top 5 are completely different.
1. Motorstorm RC 2. Rayman Origins 3. Everybody's Golf 4.Pinball Arcade 5. Retro City Rampage
I tried Little Big Planet but it suffered so much slow down and lag online that it almost became unplayable.

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