Evolution Studios employee Paul Rustchynsky is pretty excited about 20th February. The game director – who previously worked on MotorStorm RC – expressed his enthusiasm in a straightforward Twitter message posted earlier this evening, counting down to the aforementioned date.

While the developer could be referring to anything, we doubt it’s a coincidence that Sony’s surprise PlayStation Meeting is scheduled to take place on the same day. The press conference is almost certain to play host to the PlayStation 4, which Evolution Studios is rumoured to be working on.

Only last week, a slew of reports suggested that the Runcorn-based group was working on a street racing game for the next-generation platform. Internally, the title is supposedly being referred to as “Europe’s biggest racing game in a decade”.

Whether or not Rustchynsky is pointing to a potential reveal is unclear, but we’d be surprised if Sony didn’t announce any new games during its upcoming event. Racing titles tend to debut alongside new hardware, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

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