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Don't Worry, PlayStation 4 Won't Block Used Games

Posted by Sammy Barker

Well, of course not

We told you so. Despite strong speculation prior to the platform’s announcement, Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 4 will not block used games. Chatting with our allies over at, Sony’s likeable executive Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the tidbit, explaining that consumers expect to be able to resell content that they’ve purchased in physical form.

Apparently, the anti-used game patent that surfaced last month had nothing to do with the manufacturer’s next generation system at all. The registration inferred that discs would ship branded with a contactless tag, binding them to the first console that they’re placed inside, and subsequently blocking them from being sold on.

But the details are immaterial, because it’s absolutely not happening. Well, unless the platform holder decides to change its mind between now and Christmas, anyway.


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Epic said:

This is it this and Infamous Second Son are the only things I wanted to hear about PS4 now I can sleep in peace.

PS: I don't like to resell games me and my friends just like to lend games to each other thats the only thing I don't like about this used games block thing glad its not going to be applied.



rjejr said:

Between all the release date DL games, Gaikia, $10 online play codes, DL only games like Witness, and selling only half games at retail and everything else as add-on DL a month later - see AC3 and PSARBR - I don't see why anybody would worry about discs being re-used. Once discs go away it won't matter.



FullbringIchigo said:

i never thought they would but now they have confirmed it all the better, plus if Micorsoft block used games on their next console then that will be the end of them

with a PS4 and my WiiU i think that i will get the best console experience you can the next xbox i'm not touching with a ten foot barge pole



BlueProxy said:

Sounds good so long as they don't buy back at 10% of what you paid for them. Very possible. Better than nothing, but that would sting. For now, I'll be keeping my PS3.

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