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Digital Sales on PlayStation Vita Eclipse PlayStation 3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Business is booming

For all of the doom and gloom surrounding the PlayStation Vita, Sony has revealed that more digital content is purchased for the handheld than the PlayStation 3. Chatting with Destructoid following this week’s PlayStation 4 unveiling, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida explained that the difference is down to all of the system’s content being available online.

"Digital business is the faster growing business," he explained. "We do not publish numbers, but every month it's almost a new record that the purchase on Vita is higher than the PS3, because everything is available [digitally]."

How frequently do you purchase downloadable content for your Vita? We must admit, we’re using the PlayStation Store increasingly more to pick up portable games, purely because it’s so much more convenient having all of your content in one place. Of course, the price of memory cards is still an issue.


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meldarion said:

Totally agree prices on the vita store are similar to those at retail and games download very very fast. The only thing holding me back from using it more is the fact that memory cards are pricey and so i have to make sure I don't exhaust all the space in the memory card



get2sammyb said:

@meldarion Pretty much the same, to be honest. I love the freedom of being able to switch between games without changing cartridge, but even with a 32GB — which is very expensive — you can't fit many full retail games on it.



belmont said:

I am 100% digital on Vita. Works better for me since I also went digital with PSP a long time ago. My (89euros !!!!!) 32GB card is very small to hold all my stuff (Vita,PSP,PSone,minis). I would like an 128GB or even 256GB one but it would cost more than the Vita itself and I would not afford it. However Sony somehow (maybe due to publishers) didn't deliver some PSP blockbusters in psn like Crisis Core, Silent Hill and Star Ocean. An epic fail is the 20MB 3G Vita restriction. I pay for a 4GB 3G connection (mainly for work but I use less than 1GB) but I cannot use it to download stuff.

However digital is highly convenient for me. I buy what I want whenever I want without limitations of local retailers (good like finding Ghostlight stuff here) and I have all the games I want to play with my Vita (or PSP previously) loaded in. I have all Final Fantasy games 1 to 9 in my Vita now!

I always prefer digital for PS3 now but there are strange delays in titles with Metal Gear Rising being the last one (Konami promised day one). I wanted to go digital with 3DS too but for some stupid reason Nintendo won't sell prepaid cards here.



Ps4all said:

I filled my 32gb card months ago, wish they would come out with a 64gb option. I love not having to shuffle game cards around.



neumaus said:

I absolutely love digital games. All my PSP games are digital, and I have a lot! The convenience is amazing, but I find myself having to shuffle games on and off my PSP cause I can't fit them all on there at once :c (16gig memory card, which was expensive!)

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