Sony Santa Monica’s been relatively quiet about God of War: Ascension’s single player campaign over the past year – but it opened up in dramatic fashion overnight. Polygon has posted a video featuring the first 30 minutes from the title. The drama never ends this week, does it?

The extended clip – which obviously includes spoilers – shows Kratos clambering around Hecatonchires, a colossal being that manifests itself as a city. We’ll restrain ourselves from delving into any more details, but needless to say, it all looks absolutely bonkers.

However, the set-pieces aren't the only appeal. The footage also showcases a number of new abilities that have been integrated into the prequel. For example, you can now pin enemies down with your chains, allowing you to deal with groups of foes in a more efficient manner. You can also disarm opponents, and use their artillery to your advantage.

Furthermore, the balance of the antihero’s rage mechanic has been tweaked, allowing you to use it more often. Presumably, that’s designed to give the title a more frenetic pace, which certainly comes across in the new gameplay trailer.

You can catch the footage through here. As always, we're eager to hear your thoughts on the action in the comments section below.