Aliens: Colonial Marines will allow you to relive your youth next month. However, this time you won’t be burning ants with a magnifying glass – you’ll be pumping giant insects full of lead. SEGA has revealed that the first of Gearbox’s imminent extraterrestrial eviscerator’s expansion packs, ‘Bug Hunt’, will deploy in March, and will bring three new co-operative maps to the main game. A further three add-ons will be released between now and August, offering a variety of multiplayer and campaign content.

You’ll be able to buy each of the DLC packs individually, or as part of a ‘Season Pass’ that promises a 40 per cent saving over the à la carte method. The subscription will set you back an eye-watering $29.99. Perhaps you’d be better off playing with the insects in your garden after all – it would certainly be cheaper, huh?