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Your Bikinis Will Be Compatible with Dead or Alive 5 Plus

Posted by Sammy Barker

Fill your boots

If you’ve already acquired a healthy wardrobe of skimpy Dead or Alive 5 costumes, then you may be delighted to learn that they’ll all be compatible with the fighter’s upcoming PlayStation Vita port, Dead or Alive 5 Plus. That brand new first-person mode may have a purpose after all.

In addition, according to Siliconera’s translation of the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, the busty beat ‘em up will also support cross-play, allowing you to challenge your friends and strangers irrespective of platform. You’ll even be able to transfer your progress between systems.

Sadly, outside of the DLC, there’s no word on the full game supporting cross-buy. That means that if you already own the title on the PS3, then you’re probably going to have to buy it again for the Vita. Hopefully the promotional image to the right will help to, er, ease your disappointment.


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JayArr said:

I like my fighting games like I like my women. Fast, fun, and barely clothed.



Sonicfan11589 said:

I'd be very happy to buy this game a 2nd time, played this practically endlessly on the 3DS. Can't wait to play an HD version for Vita which includes tons of DLC, characters from Virtua Fighter (which include my favorite, Sarah), and tons more, also i heard there will be custom soundtrack this time. WOO HOO!



Sonicfan11589 said:

Also I heard if not mentioned already by this site a CROSS SAVE FEATURE! So i can keep my trophies, and save data. WOO HOO! Still have to play 1,000 matches online.




hahaha, ah gamers . . .

Blood soaked plastic torso- outrage!

Bouncy CG jublies- hurrah!

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