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Who Wants to Peruse Another Bonkers PS Move Patent?

Posted by Sammy Barker


Sony is more prolific with patents than Mario Balotelli is with controversy. Following last week’s divisive anti-used games registration, the platform holder has now concocted an updated PlayStation Move set-up that uses the current controller’s light-tracking technology in conjunction with sound detection to provide greater “depth” accuracy.

The filing includes a handful of pictures which demonstrate the wand-like controller’s interchangeable face buttons, as well as its ability to snap together in interesting ways. Examples include two units connected at the base to create a Darth Maul-esque lightsaber, in addition to a person performing a bicycle kick with devices strapped to his arms and legs. Yeah, this is never coming out.

Update: As has been correctly – and somewhat forcefully – pointed out in the comments section below, this patent first emerged a long time ago. We’ve left the article in tact so you can laugh at the image. We still reckon that the idea of performing a bicycle kick in front of a television is pretty funny.


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tulaib_100 said:

its a patent from 2008, u know 2 years before move came out ?? so beat it push square. You guyz are really bad journalists seriously report something decent dun confuse the readers



charlesnarles said:

You mean you can't pull off a no-handed bicycle kick within a few feet of your tv? I thought y'all were soccer enthusiasts. But srsly, ankle and sound sensors? I'm scared of what Japanese devs will do with this : )



Autobot-69 said:

Keep digging my good man. Regardless of this being from a while back.... you're bound to come across something good that will feed the fire of excitement we have regarding the upcoming PS4.

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