Enjoy your limbs while you’ve got them, because Sony has announced that it will conjure copies of Soul Sacrifice onto store shelves on 30th April in North America. The title will start slaying grotesque ogres on 1st May in Europe, with both regions securing digital releases on their respective dates.

For the uninitiated amongst you, the hotly anticipated demon slayer is the brain child of legendary Capcom employee Keiji Inafune. It sees you adopting the role of a sorcerer and slaying a slew of larger than life beasts by sacrificing body parts in return for skills. It’s basically Monster Hunter re-imagined in the mind of a mental patient.

If you pre-order the title, you’ll secure a slew of in-game extras. Bonuses include two unique character costumes and three magic items. You’ll also receive the Japanese voice-over pack, which will allow you to play the game in its native tongue. Bizarrely, the platform holder’s selling this separately if you don’t pre-order, which is not a practice that we support.

“I’m excited that we are finally able to announce the release date of Soul Sacrifice,” Keiji Inafune beamed. “I have put all my passion and soul into the game’s concept and my talented team has made an incredible effort to create the best game it could ever be. I’m confident that we’ve created an extremely engaging game that you will enjoy playing.”

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on this one? The demo was spectacular, but we’re eager to play more. Let us know if you're excited in the comments section below.

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