European PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to rest easy knowing that Sleeping Dogs is set to awaken the service’s bursting Instant Game Collection next month. Sony has announced that the critically acclaimed sandbox crime drama will be available for free from 6th February, leaving you with plenty of change to splash out on a pork bun.

The title will be accompanied by F1 Race Stars, the cutesy casual kart racer from Codemasters, and Quantum Conundrum, the first-person puzzler designed by Portal creator Kim Swift. Again, you’ll be able to download each of the releases without needing to spend a penny. We’re going to need a bigger hard drive.

Over on the PlayStation Vita, the excellent WipEout 2048 will be racing in on 13th February, followed by the popular blockbuster Lumines: Electronic Symphony on 20th February. That’s all in addition to the usual array of discounts and exclusive bonuses.

If you aren’t already a member, Sony has confirmed that it will be cutting the price of the 90 day subscription for two weeks from 6th February. That means that you’ll be able to unlock all of the aforementioned content and more for just £7.99/€9.99. We suspect that there’ll be a few North American gamers grumbling into their keyboards as they read this.