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Scheduled PlayStation Network Maintenance Extended

Posted by Sammy Barker

Don't panic

You’ll have ample opportunity to build a snowman, learn to juggle, and trim your toenails today, as Sony has announced that it's extending the PlayStation Network's scheduled maintenance for a few more hours. The period – which had been set to run from 16:00PM to 04:00AM GMT in Europe, and from 08:00AM to 20:00PM PT in North America – will now last until at least 18:30PM GMT in Europe, and until the early morning in North America.

Assuming you’ve signed in recently, you’ll still be able to play your games online during the extended maintenance window. Other aspects of the PlayStation Network such as the PlayStation Store and Account Management will be inaccessible, however.

Update: The scheduled maintenance is set to continue until 22:00PM GMT in Europe, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Update 2: According to a PlayStation Knowledge Centre update, the maintenance is set to continue until 21:00PM PT in North America.

Update 3: Seeing as this story has escalated quite a bit over the past few hours, we've posted an updated article through here.


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GopaKid said:

it doesn't let me sign in it says an error has occured. you have been signed out of playstation network 8002a203



ShogunRok said:

Still though, this seems a bit excessive. I was signed in not long before the maintenance started, and now I can't access anything at all.




jer18 said:

Not sure why this doesn't work for me, I've read elsewhere that if you signed on recently you'll be able to get online. I was playing online on the 16th for several hours - and I'm not able to log in.



rjejr said:

So it will be down on a Friday night? Nice planning, nobody ever plays online videogames on a Friday night in January.



CRASH67a said:

The article stated that you would be able to play online but not be able to access the play station store or account management is inaccessible, well i cant get online at all for anything thanks guys Oh yeah and thanks for all the hoops and crap on trying to get a PlayStation Network card activated too.



ShogunRok said:

@rjejr The timing is pretty terrible, seeing as how here in the UK it's snowing heavily and everyone will want to be staying in to play games.



get2sammyb said:

It's letting me login. I just can't access the PlayStation Store and Account Management. Hang tight, everyone!



jason32 said:

stupid cause i have friends who can log in and i still cannot @ 11am . Im so happy!!



DONTGO76 said:

This sucks I cannot login and I am missing my new Black Ops 2 Nuketown Zombies map thanks to Sony.



pushthis said:

Just bought a ps3 yesterday... Im not dealing with this crap, sony, if u set a time you better follow thru with it. and next time stay away from the weekend, bunch of monkeys. goes back to wal-mart and takes back ps3 for 360



Awexu said:

I can't access the Network AT ALL. I was literally signed on 2-3 hours before the maintenance started. It doesn't matter to me that they're doing maintenance, what bother me is that MY MONEY is going to waste. What's the point of even buying Plus memberships when I can't get online at all? Sony has disappointed since day one. Honestly, I wish I would've bought an Xbox instead.



WCamicase said:

LOL at these guys raging up here, play offline ._.
Things can go wrong you know? When it's with other you guys bash but if it where to happen with one of you, it would be a different story right?



Swiket said:

I just wanted to summon someone in Dark Souls for Four Kings on NG+. Aww.



Twizted_Kraze said:

Man does this suck now 12:30pm and still mo go for going online on my ps3 but yet my buddies are on like what the ...! This is very upsetting



ShogunRok said:

This really is excessive now. Although try and keep a cool head, people. This isn't the end of the world as we know it. It's annoying, but I don't quite think it's reason enough to scrap your PS3.



briatelliamsing said:

this is rediciless, i have been waiting sinds last night around . 10pm, why oh whyy is it not working, on every site they say something different one says, its fixed bij 8am didnt happend, also 4am didnt happen, now its 18:37 here in scotland NOTHING HAS CHANGE YOU loving cheeseheads SONY YOU HAVE JUST LOST A PS3 MEMBER I WOULD BET IM NOT THE ONLY ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



bombbreath said:

Sorry for the major mishap for those of you who can't access online play.
The Playstation Network will be up shortly, We sincerly apologise for this inconvenience .We are just makeing it better, striving to keep things fresh , inovated and fun.Thank you for your support From Your Playstation Network Customer Ambassador online id: bombbreath Sony make.belive PS. I cant access online play either. pss. We sill dont charge a monthly fee, and never will. any questions or comments use my online id: bombbreath



bombbreath said:

Please be advised The Playstation Network will be up shortly, We sincerly apologise for this inconvenience . From Your Playstation Network Customer Ambassador online id: bombbreath please feel free to contact me via The Playstation Network Sony make.belive



briatelliamsing said:

@bombbreath mate youre spelling is terrible , dont believe youre from sony, but anyhow. when is shortly? Today tomora? nextweek?

right everyone, KEEP ME UPDATED i want to know when its back on ! 1st one to tell me i'll give 30k in fifa ultimate team PSN: BriaTelli OR FR_ULTRAS12

@WCamicase mate i had a Semi Final on fifa today on FIFA BALon Dór , i might have mist a chance to win 40.000 dollars you freak ! so yehhh playin ofllin aint gonna work bro

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